Dr. Nancy Werner

Dr. Nancy Werner

M.D. Ac. - Sr. Instructor, SrCBI, CBI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


Pls call


Phone: +52 155 2442 1155



Available to conduct training in both English & Spanish

Disponible para ofrecer los seminarios en español & en inglés
Mexico LADA libre: 01 800 715 8302
Cel:  (+521) 552 442 1155


Like many of my patients, BodyTalk and I crossed paths in 2001 when seeking a solution to arthritis in my hands that hindered me in my ongoing practice of Medical Acupuncture, and had failed to respond to the different modalities I explored. After 3 BodyTalk sessions, my symptoms vanished, and I decided to add BodyTalk to my healing repertoire!

Raised in the USA, I have lived my adult life in Venezuela, and now Mexico. I received my first degree in humanities, and pursued medical studies later, devoting my attention to behavioral and mind-body health. After graduating as a General Practitioner from Venezuela’s Central University, I worked in public health and continued to seek training in Mind-Body Medicine. It has my good fortune to have worked with a number of the wonderful healers of our times, who have generously shared their wisdom, including Drs. Herb Benson, Norman Shealy, Caroline Myss, Bernie Siegel, Christiane Northrup, Robert Monroe, Jose Luis Padilla, Jesus M. Martínez, and several others who continue to influence my ongoing work.  I am deeply grateful to them and to the inspiration of John and Esther Veltheim - striving to express these rich lessons through my teaching and practice.

The realities of health and disease in our times discouraged my ambition of a purely “preventive” practice, so I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in a quest to complete my understanding of the human well-being. I worked happily as a Medical Acupuncturist until discovering BodyTalk in the persons of John and Esther Veltheim, to whom I am indebted for their uncanny ability to knit the wisdom of the ages with current scientific understanding. The study and practice of the BodyTalk System finally allowed me to approach patients with a toolbox that is truly integrative, and through which I am able to express my diverse background in healing.

REMOTE SESSIONS:  I carefully balance the number of remote sessions I offer with my teaching activity and hands-on work.  If you are interested in receiving remote work please email for terms. 

Challenges that particularly interest me in my practice are those of brain injury and repair, performance enhancement, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.  In Seminars, I welcome skeptical students.

For fun & self-care, I practice Chi Kung and Aikido. I have also trained in Craniosacral Release,  Fascial Release, Emotional Release, and Tom Tam's Tong Ren Therapy.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending or coordinating a dynamic BodyTalk training seminar.

• Why do I choose to teach and practice the BodyTalk System when I have training in conventional medicine and acupuncture?

Because both my patients and I experience an added dimension of healing through sessions that elegantly “communicate, synchronize and balance” the bodymind! The working protocol of the BodyTalk System perfectly integrates all the other tools I can bring to the table, and our results demonstrate this, clinically!

• What do clients experience in our BodyTalk Balancing session?

I'm amazed at how much faster symptoms of my inherited blood disorder cleared after Dr. Werner added sessions of BodyTalk to my treatment regimen. - Luz Maria Z, teacher, age 34

To my lasting surprise, after eleven years of incapacitating lumbalgia and countless other treatments, my pain disappeared after one BodyTalk session. - Mark T., engineer, age 31

Our autistic daughter, age 4, has stabilized emotionally and is now showing developmental progress in her school class, unlike her peers, with only one BT session per month. - Gabriela & Ernesto M., parents, age 30

What do students experience in my SEMINARS?

This dynamic training opened my eyes to new ways of interacting with others and the world. - Maria Clara D., businesswoman. age 45

I am amazed at the depth and specificty that the BodyTalk Protocol allows me. I plan to use this system in an upcoming research protocol for diabetes. - Dr. Luisa C., neuropharmacologist.

UPCOMING Trainings (please refer to Seminar Listings page):

      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PaRama Unit One Practical

I'm happy to consider teaching in your area in either language, even if the class is small.  Provisions can be made for both English and Spanish speaking students.

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