Tim Hall

Tim Hall

LMT (BCTMB), RYT, Meditation Coach, CBP, Parama BP



Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 520-709-3692


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My formal graduate level university studies, trainings, licensures, countless workshops, my own personal studies have repeatedly confirmed that there is more to life and its inherent problems than is obvious. 

Deeper insights and clarity are helpful, if not necessary, to address matters related to physical and mental health. A wide berth of interest and specialization is my priority. There is no end to the mystery of the human condition. To this end, I do the best that I am able to promote health and prevent disease. 

The chronic diseases of modern society include a wide variety of symptoms, syndromes, and ailments that are debilitating decades before they become deadly. The evidence-based strategies to prevent and treat the principle risk factors associated with these diseases are extremely effective when used correctly and consistently. 

Therapeutic interventions such as BodyTalk and other physical and psychological practices can also greatly aid in longevity of health to stave off debilitating, life-suppressing symptoms. 

Get more health today. For more, please contact Tim at 520-709-3692 or visit https://integropractic.com/



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