Advanced MindScape


This is the next step for MindScape students who wish to take their skills and techniques further. Over three full days, participants expand on the paradigm and concepts of the MindScape method, and learn powerful new techniques to open more possibilities. The pre-requisite for Advanced MindScape is that the participant has attended MindScape and is familiar with the Workshop technique.

In MindScape the participant learns to use an interface, the Workshop, to engage intuitive faculties. This is now vastly extended, such that life and surroundings become the Workshop. Besides elaborating on the MindScape methods, the material also draws from specialized disciplines such as systems thinking, neuro-linguistic programming, remote viewing, sacred geometry, field intuition dynamics and techniques to tweak perceptual filters.

Course Description

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • The Trigger: a faster method of accessing the intuitive state Attitudes that Make or Break: addressing the attitudes and mindsets that can determine our degree of success or otherwise with any holistic technique.
  • Centering the Mind: the ability to center the mind, with different techniques taught Playing with Time: different regression techniques, as well as the use of time-line concepts to shift energy through time
  • Archetypes: using the MindScape method to interact with selected archetypes and tap into their attributes at will Remote Viewing: an introduction to the Open Method of remote viewing, using pre-determined targets
  • 3D Hologram Scanning: advancement on the Mental Scanning technique, this time working in deeper dimensions and utilizing a 3-D spatial orientation with, and to, the subject and the room
  • Projecting awareness: a shamanic technique in which we learn to project our awareness into anything, from an inanimate rock to a concept or a living thing.
  • Concepts and Constellations: extending the techniques to learn to tune into intangible concepts, such as information, group constellations, subtle energies and so on
  • Working with The Field: a very powerful technique that expands on the MindScape paradigm, in which participants learn to tap into the collective interconnectedness to obtain information or awareness about anything on which the mind is focused.

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