The Magic of Mod 5

Jul 11, 2019

By Tracey Clark

Like so many students and practitioners of the BodyTalk system, I came to this work as a second career. I was a professional dancer with a degree in dance and a business teaching, performing, competing and coaching. As I embarked on a new career in healthcare, I was both intimidated and insecure about my lack of experience in anatomy, physiology, and even basic communication with a client. Like many of us, I fumbled my way through in the beginning, trying my best to describe the significance of the priorities that came up in a session and what was happening as a result of the balancing.
A year into my practice, I signed up to take Module 5: Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy and Physiology with Sylvia Muiznieks, not because I was excited by the material but because I was determined to take ALL of the BodyTalk courses. This course represented all of the things that scared me about a practice in healthcare: anatomy, physiology, and working on a body! I hesitantly opened the textbook upon arrival and sat at the back of the room with the hope that no one would notice how little I knew about anatomy and physiology. The class began with less of a sense of anticipation but rather a little bit of dread coming from my corner of the room. However, much to my surprise, and to the surprise of many of my fellow classmates, I felt as though I had discovered a hidden treasure. Buried under the highly intimidating name of the course was the material that I had been missing, a way to work easily and seamlessly through the frightening world of organs, cells, and atoms without breaking a sweat. The manual followed the BodyTalk procedures in a way that was not only simple but that added endless insight into every item, link, and formula. I quickly discovered that I didn't need to KNOW the information but rather that I needed to know HOW TO FIND the information. Not only did anatomy and physiology become an accessible and exciting new part of my practice practically overnight, but I finally understood how to incorporate consciousness definitions into items, links, parcels and packages with ease.
If I wasn't in enough of a state of shock over my complete and utter enjoyment of anatomy and physiology, the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage definitely pushed me into a state of pleasant surprise. After initially fumbling my way through the steps of draping and the technique of touching a body and moving interstitial fluid, my right brain began to take over. That elusive, intuitive right brain began to lead me through the process by engaging my subtle senses like never before. I found myself following the body on the table and experiencing a deeper level of felt sense and knowing than I ever expected or had ever experienced. 
I left that class so excited by my new tools but never expected what was to follow. I began to advertise my new standalone technique alongside my BodyTalk practice. The clients were attracted to the benefits of detoxification, improved immunity, decreased pain and swelling, sinus drainage, bowel regulation, and overall vitality. It attracted new clients who were not quite "ready" for BodyTalk, and before I knew it, my practice had doubled! My BodyTalk clients also began to refer their family members to me as my sessions grew in confidence and effectiveness. They loved the explanations that I was able to offer to them and they commented on how much they learned about their body and their health in every session.
I'll never forget the first time that a naturopathic doctor came to me for a BodyTalk session. I was still so nervous and thought that she would see right through my previous lack of education in anatomy and physiology. I worked my way through the session tentatively but with as much confidence as I could muster. The session took me in and out of my Module 5 manual and when I finished, she commented on how comprehensive and insightful the session had been. She immediately booked a follow up and I breathed a sigh of relief.
My journey took me from practice to teaching, and as soon as I was able to apply for advanced instructor training, I knew that Module 5 was a class that I wanted to teach. I couldn't understand how so few instructors taught it and how few students had taken it. This class was responsible for making my practice a success and I knew that it could help so many practitioners take their practice from a hobby to a profession. Like me, so many of my students walk away from this class with a boost in their confidence and a new sense of wonderment from their sessions. "Why isn't this a pre-requisite before certification?", "I wish that I had taken this class right after Fundamentals", "This makes it all so much easier", "I finally understand the procedure", "This is so much fun!" If I only had a dime for every time I have heard those statements and questions from students!
I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to take this material even further by offering a Module 5 study group. For the hundreds of students worldwide who have taken this course, the study group offers us an opportunity to spend more time discussing the logistics of incorporating the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage into practice. Over the course of three 3-hour lectures we will have the opportunity to discuss topics like consent forms, follow up, special cases, advertising and promotion, insurance and licensure. I will review the technique on the skin, over clothing, off the body, at a distance, and even on ourselves. We will also review and discuss draping for those practitioners who incorporate this aspect into their practice. We will spend some quality time with the anatomy and physiology reference charts, adding some insight and information as we work our way through them together. I find it so helpful to cross reference the text with the protocol chart and back again as it supports your ability to find information quickly and easily. We will take some time to work our way back and forth between the chart and the text to help you to become proficient with your tools. I know that I am not alone when I say that this is the one reference book that I never practice without!
Don't miss this opportunity to refresh, review, and master your Module 5 tools. If you haven't taken this course yet, I hope that you can join me in one of my upcoming classes.

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