Finding MindScape

Nov 07, 2019

By Kristin Pierce

I have not always been creative, I have not always been a writer, and I most definitely have not always been imaginative, let alone intuitive. Heck, I was the farthest thing from any of those descriptions for most of my life. And, YES, I teach MindScape. I'm a MindScape junkie, in fact. I've been teaching the course for almost five years now and it NEVER ceases to blow me away.

Rewind 12 years ago and picture this: 

I was an analytical, left-brained, logic-machine and elite athlete who was studying sports medicine. I thought in a very linear way--A leads to B which causes C--which is how I was taught to think. Creativity didn't really fit into the idea of who I thought I was back then. If I were told back then about the power of creativity, let alone intuition, I probably would have laughed out loud. But I am proud to say that I have greatly opened up my narrow-minded view of the world. Most who know me well would now say that I'm a passionate, big dreamer who believes that anything is possible if you open your mind and commit to your vision. So, as I write this, I sit here and wonder, How in the heck did I change that much? How is that even possible?

Well, this is what I've discovered: Mix up a concoction of near-death illness, questioning one's understanding of how the world, the body, and the mind work, and add a heaping dose of searching for what really matters in life ... and voila, you have a cocktail of transformation.
Over a decade ago, at the age of 21, I was blindsided with a cancer diagnosis. I'm sure you've heard how near-death experiences can cause people to create drastic change in their lives. My experience was no different. Luckily, my journey led me to BodyTalk and, soon after, MindScape, which as I'm sure many of you know, teaches participants how to build a mental framework through which they can access the subconscious mind. In this meditative-type state, we are able to uncover limiting beliefs we have purchased as truths and investigate them in order to unravel them.
While I was still a left-brained, over-logical science junkie, experiencing the healing power of BodyTalk opened my mind. I just had to know how it worked, so I dove hard and fast into BodyTalk training. As I was sitting in Module 3, Sylvia Muiznieks brought up the MindScape course and my curiosity was piqued. When my ego instantly reminded me that I didn't have any inkling of intuitive ability within me, Sylvia noted that EVERYONE has the ability to be intuitive. That's all it took, and I was searching for the next offering in Canada.
As I sat in my first MindScape course--wildly excited and full of terror--I learned how to build my very own mental workshop through which I could tap into subconscious thoughts and limiting mental programming. This is also when I became fascinated by how beliefs and attachments lead the mind to compress and limit the wild possibilities available to us at any moment. However, as a logical skeptic, I needed some scientific proof to back up this seemingly "out there" mental ability. Well, ask and you shall receive, because that is exactly what I got:
The course theory introduced the way in which history's most incredible minds utilized structured intuition to invent, create, test, and tweak their most revolutionary ideas. Da Vinci, Mozart, Tesla, Einstein, Edison all used intuition! Of course, I knew all about these famous people. But I DID NOT KNOW that they accessed their intuitive minds as one of their most valuable innovative and creative assets. Mind blown.
If you have taken MindScape, then you have heard how Nikola Tesla built, tested, and adjusted his inventions entirely in his mind before building a perfect working model. Amazing, right?! The theory of relativity came to Einstein by intuition, then he had to figure out how to back it up with logic. Mozart played pool while he orchestrated ensembles and amended his music completely in his mind. Was your mind blown too?
But the crazy thing about this is that none of these brains are that unique.  
Did they have extraordinary ideas? Yes. Did they tap into a mental ability that most of the world's population does not know how to access? Absolutely. Did they create an incredible impact in the world because of it? Without a doubt, they did. And yes, they were intelligent.
However, they had the same amount of grey matter (give or take) between their ears as all humans are equipped with--the physical hardware is essentially the same as what you and I have nicely tucked inside our heads. It is so much more about how they learned and how they trained themselves to access the expansive ability of their minds--and this is something that EVERY PERSON is capable of learning to access within themselves.
So why isn't this natural, real-life, mental superpower more well known? Why doesn't everyone know about this?!
These questions have been the driving force behind the creation of my just-released children's picture book, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer. The book highlights intuitive intelligence and the marvelous minds who have utilized it. I have been enthralled with the power of the mind for the past decade, and it is something I feel every child should have the privilege of learning. In learning about these incredible minds, I believe that we can all be inspired to unlock the potential within us.
Not only does Magnus O'Meere educate readers about the power of the mind, but it also includes a resource of twenty marvelous minds--such as Leonardo da Vinci, Ada Lovelace, Stephen Hawking, Temple Grandin--along with the "mind hack" techniques they used to access their own genius.
Who would have ever imagined a decade ago that my rigid science brain could open up enough to write rhyming stories and direct picture book art? Definitely not me! Luckily, MindScape fell into my lap and became my own creativity and self-awareness "mind hack" that has enabled so many incredible things to unfold. It is in the MindScape state of mind where I access unlimited creativity to write my children's books, come up with the illustration ideas, and map entire books out in my mind. This self-development tool has been an incredible agent of change within me and for so many others who have taken it. 

If you haven't taken MindScape, find a seminar near you and get ready to have your mind, and your life, completely expanded.

Magnus O'Meere is always off in another dimension, building epic ideas with his full-blown attention. When his inventive passion becomes disruptive and distracting at school, Magnus lands in the principal's office. As he begins to question the things he's created, a stroke of fate delivers an eye-opening message that leads him to discover just how powerful his mind really is. Magnus embarks on an incredible learning adventure that highlights some of the most magnificent Mind Pioneers of our time, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ada Lovelace, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and many more.

Full of imaginative, inventive and empowered learning messages, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer sparks imagination and inspiration, while encouraging children to think outside the box, follow their inner compass, and always look for opportunities to grow.

The book is complete with reflection questions and a "Marvellous Minds Reference Guide" for adults to help further engage children. This book is guaranteed to fascinate and fuel the young Mind Pioneers in your life.

The book was released on October 16. Since its release, it has reached the #1 spot on the Amazon bestseller list in the categories of Children's Inventor Books and Children's Science & Technology Biographies. It reached #2 in Children's Historical and #3 in Tolerance. Finally, it reached #25 overall in children's new book releases. Find the book on Amazon

Meet Kristin

Kristin Pierce is an award-winning author, the founder of Inner Compass Books, a MindScape Instructor, and an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. It is her mission to create mindfully-crafted children's books that encourage kids (and adults) to question their limits, pursue their passions, and dream bigger than belief.

Find Kristin on Facebook and Instagram @InnerCompassBooks or visit her website at

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