Musician Gives Credit to BodyTalk

Feb 06, 2008

In dedicating his most recent CD, “In Joy,” jazz musician Gordon James included The BodyTalk System™ and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Leslie Nanson among those he thanked for their contributions to his work.

James, who composes and plays trumpet and flugelhorn, lives in Middlesex, NJ. He describes his music as blending the “worlds of jazz, Latin, R&B, pop and hip hop.”

The BodyTalk System is a wellness regimen that is based on state-of-the-art energy science, according to Dr. John Veltheim, the System’s developer and founder of the Sarasota, FL-headquartered International BodyTalk Association. “BodyTalk and its other modalities,” he explained, “draw on innate, natural energy fields to bring stability, wellness and balance.”

James went to Nanson’s Freehold, NJ, clinic after hearing about BodyTalk from a former girlfriend who thought the modality might help him in the “spiritual journey” upon which he had embarked. And help him, it did, he said, with sessions “releasing a load of emotional stuff” that centered on his music and had been with him since childhood, when he first started playing in an atmosphere of maternal criticism and negativity.

James said he “noticed a difference almost immediately.”

Nanson recalled hearing from an “ecstatic” James after one of his treatments, when he phoned from a practice session to report that he was playing his trumpet with “such improved control, new higher pitch, added vibrato and emotion.”

James said he particularly remembers a Group Matrix session before an important performance. At that time, he explained, “Leslie aligned me with the members of my band, with me at the center.” The result, he said, was a more focused band that produced music that left his manager in awe. Said James: “He told me, ‘In all the years I have listened to you all play, I have never heard you all play so tight and beautifully. This is the best sound I have ever heard from you’."

The musician initially worked with Nanson for four years, he said, initially on a regular basis for several months, then returning “for general maintenance” sessions.

“I can always tell when I need it [a BodyTalk session],” he said, laughing, “so I go and have Leslie tune me up.”

In the latter part of 2007, Nanson reports, the “tune-ups” included sessions addressing his fear of success. “His dreams coming true, his excitement and nervousness were all jumbled up,” she said. He now “receives sessions and/or
Group Matrix work prior to gigs, recording studio sessions and composing his music,” she continued. “And all with great success!”

Interestingly, she said, the song title “Straight from the Heart” came out of a BodyTalk session.

Tracks from his latest CD are beginning to be played on “Smooth Jazz” stations, James said, and he’s starting to do radio interviews about it. “In Joy” has drawn positive reviews, with one critic saying he “was truly hard-pressed to find an unimpressive cut in the collection.” In addition, James said, a music label has come forward that wants to pick up his album and distribute it internationally.

“I have a lot of things in the works,” he said. “This year looks promising.”

And he gives some of the credit for his prospects and optimism to BodyTalk.

“I really, really believe in it,” he said, “and I really believe it is the wave of the future.” With all the world’s healthcare problems, he added, “this way of healing is what’s happening.”

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