Sarasota Instructors Conference and Learning Forum

Aug 29, 2008

We are just completing a very successful eleven days of programs here in Sarasota, FL. Ka'imi Pilipovich taught the Advanced Modules Integration class – with two other AMI Instructors (Claudia Schembri-Heitmann and Sylvia Muiznieks) in attendance. Angela Adkins held a MindScape class which included three IBA staff members, who have been very excited to have this new powerful resource available to them now. Marita Kufe's BodyChemistry Specifics completed the seminar schedule wrapped around the three-day Instructors Conference and a special three-day BreakThrough Instructors Meeting.

The Instructors Conference was very important, very exciting, and a whole lot of fun. Matthew Newell, head of the Family Hope Center in Pennsylvania, gave a terrific presentation to lead off the Conference. We recorded it (audio only) and have his permission to share it with Members – so we will be working on presenting extensive excerpts on our download page in the near future. His work with brain damaged children is amazingly successful and truly heart warming – and BodyTalk is an integral part of his successful therapies. The afternoon of the first day began with an address from John Veltheim, and brief presentations from Allan Vickers and Finance Director, Monique Ring. Esther Veltheim then joined that group for a good Q & A session. The IBA's Management Team was very happy to get valued input, recommendations and proposals from the Instructors. It's always gratifying to witness the high level of talent and dedication the Instructor Body encompasses. That evening we all enjoyed drinks, a barbecue dinner and camaraderie poolside at the Hyatt.

The next two days were taken up with the curriculum reviews which were the heart of the Conference theme. With BodyTalk continually growing, it is increasingly important to have the BodyTalk modules consistently presented around the world. It quickly became abundantly clear to all how strong an impact on the BodyTalk and Access matrixes this work will have. Everyone voiced their approval for going through this process. We had worried, frankly, that a lot of attachment to 'sacred cows' (..but we've always done it a different way) would make it difficult to get through all the standardization points. But because the presentations were so well prepared and thought through, objections were minimal really – and resolution of those that were presented should be fast and smooth. Thank you to Karen Atkins for her Access presentation; Todd & Angela Adkins for their collaboration on the Modules 1 & 2 presentation, and to Ka'imi Pilipovich for Modules 3 and 4(7) and Sylvia Muiznieks for Modules 6 and 9. Sylvia and Ka'imi, our Academic Vice Presidents, did a terrific job of reviewing and editing the Powerpoint slides in the first place and for leading the discussion and clarification sessions after each presentation. Thank you also to Claudia and all the other Instructors who contributed so much to the development of these important curriculum standards.

Esther Veltheim started her three-day meeting with the BreakThrough Instructors on the third day of the main Conference. This is the first time they have all been able to spend this amount of quality time together developing and strengthening their own skills and the power of that matrix.

All in all, the meetings were a complete success; and we feel that, even though you may not have been there, you will be feeling the positive ripples flowing your way. The relevant curriculum standards presentations will be edited and distributed to all the Instructors and Trainees as soon as we can get them done.

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