BodyTalk Makes Moves at the NYC Triathlon & Expo

Sep 08, 2009

By Shannon MacDowell and Laura Hames

Do all your body parts want to win?

Get them working together with BodyTalk! The Nautica New York City Triathlon is an Olympic Distance race consisting of a 1500m swim, a 40k bike, and a 10k run. Each year over 3000 athletes brave the waters of the mighty Hudson River before biking along Manhattan’s West Side highway. Finally, athletes put on their running shoes for a run through New York’s famed Central Park. As part of the triathlon, the participants must attend pre-race briefing and they get to attend a health and fitness Expo that was held at the midtown Sheraton hotel. Thousands of athletes, friends, families, and fans took advantage of the wide variety of promotional booths, free goodies and activities.

Alongside the likes of Paragon Sports, POM, Nautica and many other top exhibitors, the BodTtalk Space had a booth and created their usual energetic and enthusiastic buzz! ‘This BodyTalk thing’ quickly became the talk of the Expo and our booth one of the hotspots! Laura Hames and the NY BodyTalk team had an amazing weekend tapping out Cortices, giving mini-sessions, and sharing knowledge of the body’s ability to change, heal, and develop.

BodyTalk is an incredibly beneficial tool for athletes, especially before a race. Tapping out Cortices facilitates communication between the right and left brain, optimizing brain power. A balanced brain is naturally brought out of any kind of shock state it might be in, such as those induced by pre-race jitters and stress. Newbies to BodyTalk were astounded by the level of calmness and focus they experienced after being tapped out. Several of the athletes who had injuries, aches, or pains felt their discomfort significantly subside after simple Access work, if not disappear completely. Athletes left the booth feeling confident, optimistic, and physically prepared for the race. One woman came to the booth with head pain left from a car accident she’d had three years ago. After tapping out her Cortices, the pain that she had dealt with for the past three years disappeared entirely. Witnessing such dramatic shifts in people after only a few minutes of tapping was terrific.

At times the energetic outflow was so strong that lines of people stood outside the booth waiting to be tapped out. We gave everyone the website, which goes directly to a link where which teaches people how to tap out their own Cortices. Many people have enthusiastically done it with great feedback.

Over the course of the weekend BodyTalk helped dozens of athletes overcome some of the physical and mental challenges they face daily. Benefits of discarding the fear, doubt, grief and beliefs that we all harbor inside our bodies seem almost amplified when the impact on a person’s lifestyle is as physically obvious as it is in athletes. When the body is finally given the opportunity to let go of something it has been hanging on to, we often see a direct result in something as measurable as race time. One man who visited the booth came in five minutes under his previous record a day later.

Dozens more reported better times, less jitters, more focus and happier races. Messages of gratitude and thanks were endless and wonderful. The BodyTalk team gave Expo visitors the unparalleled gift of discovering the power, strength, and beauty that is already inside of them. It was a truly spectacular event!

Thank you to Ann George for being the catalyst for organizing this event, our wonderful team for your support and all of our friends (both long-standing and new) for sharing your experiences and helping to make this event so magnificent. Thank you John for this amazing system and thank you to the BT matrix for your support and magic! We are excited to be inspired, and share that inspiration :-)

Please watch our amazing testimonial videos and see more pictures at:

You can watch videos and pics, and share our discussions by joining our facebook group BodyTalk Space

Laura Hames, CBP, BAT and Shannon MacDowell, Access student

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