BodyTalk and the Art of Speech

Sep 08, 2009

When I first got in touch with BodyTalk I was firmly decided to let nothing keep me from my writing. Contrary to my apprehensions though, BodyTalk was very helpful from the start, because working in the zone is quite similar to the creative process. I knew it already!

In my very first balance which I was given by Luise Regneri (Karlsruhe, Germany), a formula got created which mirrored a poem I was just completing for a performance. The formula addressed the link between both eyes to the third eye, something my poem spoke of as well, only in different words. And I got rid of a long standing scoliosis!

After a balance, I sometimes note down the links in a poetic form these days. The latest performance based on my texts “heimat labyrinth. wiege dich im bauch der erde” with dancer Lisa Kuttner and musician Hyun-Kyoung had its premiere in Wuerzburg in June. The performance carried powerful energies for all the spectators.

By now I would be ready to even give up writing if I had to. But the opposite has happened: My work as an author, a BodyTalker and a philosopher – which is my fourth profession if you count being a mother – are woven ever tighter together. The blue shawl – the “beautiful wrap” of the performance – strengthened the Wei Qi of many clients. BodyTalk has brought me closer to the original connection between the Arts and the Healing Arts again, and I am glad and grateful.

Bettina Schmitz, CBP, Wuerzburg, Germany

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