BodyTalk Tapping

Nov 20, 2009

By Tim Hall, LMT, CPT, RYT, CBP, Parama BP

"Is the tapping what causes the shift?" I'm sure someone has asked you that or chuckled when they saw you tap.

The BodyTalk System is a modality that is not easy to categorize. BodyTalk was not developed as an offshoot or revision or even growth of something else. It took a quantum leap, which does not lend itself easily to comparisons. Reducing BodyTalk to simply a tapping modality is a misunderstanding of the depth of the practice.

Analogies can provide insights when more direct comparisons are not available. When reading a book, the eyes shift left to right and back again down the page. They follow the line of text and see the letters formed from the black on white.

When reading, is it the process of the eyes running over the text that allows it be meaningful? Of course not. Any illiterate person can do the same and not have any idea what they are looking at. The meaning comes from understanding what the words and symbols mean.

A person of lesser education, such as a second grader, can only get a superficial meaning. As the person is educated, his/her understanding grows, and although the act of reading is basically the same, the meaning deepens and enriches the person's life to that degree.

Running the eyes over text is like tapping. It is basically the same for a brand new cortices tapper and the most advanced practitioner. However, it is a person's vocabulary, ability to read between the lines, know symbolic meanings, use of proper grammar and style, etc. that is like the information and applications we learn in the modules.

Our right brain ability to zone and pull forth deep power during a session is like reading something again because you know there is a deeper meaning than the superficial context and you are determined to pull forth the inner truth.

Studying language requires effort, but reading itself is effortless. There is also advanced zoning where reading remains effortless, but a deeper aspect of mind engages to actively search for otherwise hidden, profound meaning that could not be gained ahead of time by the normal course of study. (This is like the PaRama formula 1 race car driver analogy given by JV).

If BodyTalk was merely a 'tapping technique' it could still work really well in a certain way for certain issues. There are some teaching methods where you can accurately learn to read and speak foreign languages, but you have no idea what you are saying. Being able to quickly and easily do that does have value, but in the end, it's the understanding that facilitates communication. Some modalities have no depth to their philosophy, and the theory just can't provide real satisfaction for the practitioner. Underlying the understanding is consciousness. As consciousness expands, the ability to understand automatically increases and with it the inherent power of consciousness itself. The BodyTalk System, which includes BreakThrough, FreeFall and MindScape, is not a superficial approach.

When just teaching tapping without much more explanation, such as cortices, seems to work, perhaps it is better explained by group matrix dynamics. It is our growing understanding that gives meaning to minimally educated people tapping out their cortices.

By making use of our own inner strengths, individual uniqueness and taking advantage of all that the IBA offers, we have depth and breadth. Perhaps a better category beyond energy medicine might be deep energy medicine or consciousness-based health care.

Give importance to that which is important. All aspects of the practice have value, which certainly includes the tapping. Sessions are effortless because it is the understanding that does all the work. By expanding consciousness and gaining deeper and broader understandings, we can do less and accomplish more. Since consciousness is all there is, when individual consciousness merges fully with universal consciousness, we are truly doing nothing and accomplishing everything. This is the goal beyond concepts.

Thanks, Tim

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