Anja Sebasio (née Veltheim)

Nov 20, 2009

By Anja Sebasio, CBP, BEd, B.S., IBA Curriculum Co-Ordinator

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the newest member of the IBA Australasia team.  Although I am a new employee, I am not in any way new to BodyTalk; being John Velthieim's (BodyTalk's founder) daughter and Christopher Veltheim's (CMO) older sister.  I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, spending most of my childhood playing sport, never focusing on any one in particular. Instead, I preferred playing at least three different sports at any given time of the year.  Living 200 yards away from a sports complex allowed my love of sport to thrive.

I remember being in years 11 and 12 and training twice a day, in different sports, before and after school, and then playing a game that night.  Homework was squashed into the bus rides to and from school.  Weekends were filled with coaching, playing sport and working part time (to pay for the sporting costs).  I loved it.  It taught me time management, kept me fit, and, in hindsight, never allowed me the time to get into too much trouble.

Although I grew up primarily in Australia, when I was sixteen I spent a year living with Dad and Esther in America. While there I travelled with Dad on some of his lecture tours. At a young age Dad and Esther had introduced all us children to Reiki already, but it was in America that I began my training in BodyTalk, BreakThrough and MindScape.

Upon my return home, luckily, the homework I had found time for during my school years allowed me entry into university.  But at that point, even with good school results and plenty of options I was clueless as to which course to take.  Eventually I decided on a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree specialising in Human Movement Studies, my passion.  This decision provided me with a broad choice of career pathways and, upon graduation I landed a high school teaching position in Physical Education, Marine Science and Health with Education Queensland.

For my first teaching job I was sent to the remote North Queensland Indigenous Community of Bamaga.  If you look on a map of Australia you will see that Bamaga is situated at the northernmost point. The school catered for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a non-indigenous population of 1% (usually teacher, nurse or doctors children).  Having been brought up in the city, remote living came surprisingly easy to me.  Being absorbed in such a beautiful and rich culture was exhilarating.  The fact that we were a 2 hour plane ride or 15 hour car drive away from shops and facilities was wonderful training in resourceful living.  Actually, one thing I ended up learning is that as long as you a have a post office, a pub and a convenience store, all of which we had, then you're fine.

Working in a remote community school is challenging, yet extremely rewarding.  I was responsible for all aspects of education and taught a broad range of subjects.  I received a lot of professional development in my time in Bamaga, specifically in Pedagogy, Social Skilling, Alternative Education Strategies, Career pathways, Behaviour Management and Curriculum Development.  I am excited to bring this knowledge and skill set to the IBA.

Having been privy to the evolution and development of BodyTalk first hand, from its conception, I feel I can contribute in a unique and positive way to the business.  I have completed Modules 1,2,3,4(7), BreakThrough 1 and MindScape, and am a CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner).  I have also completed other studies in Reiki 1 and 2, Anatomy and Physiology and have Certificate III in Children's Services.

In my 8 years of living in Bamaga, I found my partner in life, Aaron Sebasio, married him and now have three children, Josephine (5), Douglas John (3) and Jema (1).I am currently pregnant with my forth child, due in January.  Following in my father's footsteps, it looks as if I too will have the challenge of bringing up three daughters and a son.  My husband Aaron is a Plant Operator and Local Council Forum Member.  He is very supportive of our recent move  back to Brisbane and my new role with the IBA.  He, along with my children, has enjoyed regular BodyTalk Access Treatments over the past few years.

I love being a mother and am happy to have found a job that not only complements this role, but provides me with an avenue to explore and develop my passion for consciousness based health care. 



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