The Riddle... Who am I?

Jul 23, 2010

Who could this person be?

This woman has done all the BodyTalk Modules, most of them with John Veltheim, and many of them more than once, plus all of PaRama and BreakThrough 1 and 2. Now guess what: She hasn't paid for any of them – in fact she GOT payed for her attendance! Weird, isn't it?
And though she really understands (and loves) every concept, every Step, every idea, every single word, she never did a BodyTalk exam and doesn't practice BodyTalk either. She's had sessions with Marita Roussey, John Veltheim, Claudia Schembri-Heitmann and many other fantastic practitioners, so she must be quite balanced (and she is – well, more or less). As an honorary member she has access to the Website, but only uses it to read the newsletter. In fact she has read all the newsletters and though she's neither a BodyTalker nor a team member of the IBA, she takes this space to publish her vita right here, in the newsletter of the IBA.
So here comes her vita, and when you read on till the end, the riddle might get solved...

The Vita of Christine Bolam – a Mystery to be lived

My life has taken me to many places and countries, through many encounters and experiences, and I've been working in lots of different jobs. Having started my career in the 60s with an education in Fine Art & Graphic Design, I soon dropped out and started to travel round the world with my American boyfriend from New York. Together we lived in a commune in Germany, a mountain hut in Afghanistan, a camping bus all over the place, a party cellar in Queens, New York, and a lot of other strange and beautiful locations ... till I got tired of moving so much.

So we bought a houseboat in Amsterdam, and I started working in a Multi-Media-Center, studied Dutch and also learned a lot about Dance, Music, Astrology, Tarot, Healing, Energy Work and what it means to work in a collective (lots of discussions about everything!). After a few years of this, I moved to London where I lived in another community – this time a theatre-group. I worked as a fire-eater and costume maker.
This was London in the 70s! The growth movement in full swing! After I had stayed with the theatre group for 3 years, I began to discover all the wonderful things that could be tasted and touched in this great city. So I moved out of the communal house, got myself a flat and set out to learn everything that was offered: Tai Chi, Intuitive Massage, Psychic Massage, Aura Work, Bioenergetics, Healing, Tibetan Seminars about Death and Dying, Psychosynthesis, Biodynamic Massage and Macrobiotic Gourmet Cooking... I went in all directions looking for a way to learn how to heal myself and others.

In order to finance all those classes, I gave private English lessons, took part in Clowning events in the parks in summertime and worked in an alternative bakery right in the theatre district of London making cakes and serving tea (many years later I heard from Marita Roussey that she had worked at the same bakery roughly at the same time, making money to pay for her Acupuncture training).

After 7 years in London I felt a strong pull to go to India for a year to live and work and meditate in an Ashram – a year that showed me how deeply hurt and twisted I was inside. "Looks like I'm here on this planet to heal myself", was my conclusion and when I went back to Europe, I felt that I wanted to go into Healing full time. I wanted to work with everything I'd learned in India, London and Amsterdam, giving healing and energy treatments, and working on my own process as well. I decided to give my "transcendental" energy work a better grounding and went to a Healing School for 3 years, to learn everything about the material part of the body – anatomy, physiology, pathology, the lot!

Many years of work in my own clinic followed, then teaching seminars and a fulltime job running a big Naturopathy School for a friend. Health and Healing seemed to be my vocation, my life and my path. Or so it seemed.

But when the 1990s got ready to turn into 2000, my life decided to take a big turn as well. In Dreams, Inquiries and Meditations I was being nudged by the Goddess of Creation to serve her wholly and totally. "What about the deep expression of your Creativity?" she asked, "what about the dreams of your youth? What about the natural creative expression of your soul? If you don't start allowing it now, it'll be too late!"

So at the age of 53 I gave up the security of a management job and my work as a therapist, in order to jump into the creative flow. Some money I had saved lasted the first year (while I wrote the novel I had been sitting on for years – and no, it never got published) and when that was over, I had to find a means of survival. So I started working as a translator and had the great fortune to be asked right at the start to translate a book by a then unknown author named Eckhart Tolle. Other books by wonderful authors followed, and one day I found myself sitting in a Café in Munich with a friend of mine who wanted me to meet a woman whose first Seminar in Germany she was coordinating. That woman was Marita Kufe (now Roussey) ... and the rest is history.

Through Marita's intervention I translated John Veltheim's first book about BodyTalk into German and when John and Esther first came to Germany himself in 2003, I translated Johns seminars and Esthers Satsangs – and I can't count the seminars and manuals and small texts I've translated since. As is happens, I've just come back from a BreakThrough 2 Seminar with Esther Veltheim which I translated into German. It was a wonderful experience – I LOVE the stories and all the rest, and Esther is absolutely marvellous!

I also translate this Newsletter into German every 2 weeks, though I've stopped most other translating jobs. At an age when other people cash in their old age pension, I have found my heart's passion and am living it with relish: My intense occupation with the creative process (which all that translating of the last 10 years helped to pay for) has born fruit: I am running my own school for creative expression in Bavaria, South Germany, where I teach my students to paint from their intuition, in the moment, free of goals or expectations, and I teach Creative Writing as well, helping people to find their own voice in writing and sticking it through with their book projects. I also wrote and published 2 books and made a movie about creativity – and these days I'm writing a bi-weekly (sometimes monthly) BLOG about books and reading, I am running my first master class and... I'm sure, all that BodyTalk helps a lot to open up my creative gates again and again – and of course in every class I teach we tap out our cortices twice a day!

So the riddle is solved (and you all know who to go to if you want to open up your creative expression and dare to allow yourself to flow: Just check, read my books, see my film!) ... and to end this story, I'd like to thank Claudia Schembri-Heitman and Felix Schembri, and Marita Roussey and Esther Veltheim and everyone at the IBA and last but not least John Veltheim for their support and all the fascinating information, insights and sessions. And for letting me be part of that grand BodyTalk Matrix by giving me such wonderful jobs!

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