Audacity gives room for growth – Are we ready?

Aug 06, 2010

By Submitted by Andrea Carter Certified MindScape and BodyTalk Instructor, Calgary, Canada

Contemplation of where things begin can often relate back to the playground in elementary school. Someone breaks the cardinal rule associated with the game of hopscotch or dodge ball, and the children go wild! "Hey you can't do that! Its against the rules!" Playing whichever game, whether in the schoolyard or in life seems to be all about obeying the rules. Yet, when someone has the audacity to break the rules, isn't that when we lay it on thick – judgment and the necessity for conformity. This learned behaviour is also action that through fear keeps us from exploring potential and possibility. It keeps us from looking outside of the box for solutions and instead holds us to repetitive reasoning's.

Audacities as many of us have seen displayed through television, magazines, research papers, and new developments is also the key player in creating change, new businesses, art, and world ranked athletes. It not only creates products with innovations years ahead of our times, but also awe inspiring movements for health, technology, and business. Audacity moves people into action. It virtually cuts through credentials and experience, and demands that if someone is willing to step up, act extraordinary and lead, the playing field will be level for them.

Audacity typically holds people to believe the person in action is ego based, and that the two words are one in the same. This however couldn't be farther from reality. Audacity is a breathtakingly internal confidence sought from passion for change, whereas ego seeks external recognition and can be interpreted as offensive.

That said BodyTalk is Audacious! It is an internal job whereby clients, members, practitioners, instructors, and IBA staff, recognize their own need to step up and live life from a perspective of change and self-inspiration. Stepping off the well-worn path for shifts in consciousness requires courage! It challenges us to name our own fear(s), grabbing fear by the horns, and refusing to be held in place by it.

The initial fear of explaining BodyTalk can be used as an example here. Many look at talking about BodyTalk courses, treatments, or the whole system, as a huge challenge, however the irony of submitting to the fear, typically stems from the belief system that a lack of credentials equates to being seen as "unprofessional". Interestingly, the more we study the content, can explain the techniques and why they work, (as laid out in our manuals), and the more we can convey the information back to someone in simple terminology, the more believable we become, regardless of credentials. The credentials do not define us, the understanding however can. That said; take the fear by the horns, become audacious enough to learn the content thoroughly. Move into action by finding your own style and analogies to explain what the techniques are and why they work.

The courage to be audacious, (stepping up to be remarkable and lead), can also come through taking it upon yourselves to create your own businesses. The IBA has done their role of being audacious by creating our system, providing our materials and manuals, and acting as our support system. We continually challenge the IBA to change, grow, create more materials, and evolve. As members, we expect the IBA to think and act outside the box, develop easier and more efficient ways of delivering public awareness, and continue to lead us to success. Yet, in successful Fortune 500 Companies not only are the owners, chiefs, and directors expected to do these tasks, but so are the employees, and if they are not they are let go.

After some deep reflection of my own expectations of self, the IBA, other Instructors, Practitioners, and Members, I've discovered another concept of mirroring. What about the benefit of mirroring the challenges we place upon the IBA? The measures and paces we put the IBA through would we not all be more successful if we too were consistently having to step up to the plate? With an audacious system, acting outside the box and leading a new direction in health care, does that not also imply that Instructors, Practitioners, and Members should also be audacious and lead within our own areas?

Would it not be beneficial to us as Instructors to continually work at being better communicators? To be better leaders? To think outside the box in our explanations and analogy's for students? To use our own tools we teach and work on one's own issues?

Would it not be beneficial as Practitioners to continually work on clarifying our understanding of the content? To lead our clients to a better understanding of their own health and wellbeing by explaining the benefits of sessions and upcoming courses within our areas?

Would it not also be beneficial regardless of what level of BodyTalk you have, to get sessions for self at least once a month?

The benefits of doing these simple tasks could lead us as individuals to be more audacious mirroring the system, and therefore enabling growth on all levels to excel. If we all acted courageously and lead in any area that we can, where do you think it could take you? To be audacious and responsible for our own growth should that not be a step we all take? My first step to audacity was to write this article, letting go of my fear of judgment of others within the system, what will yours be?

In warmth,
Andrea Carter
Certified MindScape and BodyTalk Instructor

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