It is Healthy to Live Consciously

Aug 06, 2010

By Submitted by Tim Hall, CBP, LMT, CPT, RYT, CBP, Parama BP, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Wikipedia states, "Physiological healing is the restoration of damaged living tissue to normal function." This is easy to understand but it begs the question, "what is normal function?" Also, the 'normal function' pertains to the structure of the 'living tissue'. This suggests that when the structure is repaired, the tissues automatically behave normally.

As healers, scientists, doctors and lay persons, it is easier to evaluate functionality rather than structure. Sometimes it is obvious that a structure is damaged such as a dislocated shoulder, but even if we have a microscope or MRI, evaluating the subtle anatomy by observation is very difficult if not impossible.

To that end, various studies of the human being such physiology, psychology, sociology and all the 'ologies' are means of evaluating functionality, activity. When dysfunction is diagnosed remedies are prescribed to affect the structure leading to a reevaluation of the function. If functionality improves, then healing is said to have occurred.

Normal functionality is the goal, but without a proper basis of evaluation of the structure, there is no way to determine if the structure is fully healthy and capable of functioning optimally. To take healing to a deeper level of effectiveness where the structure itself is the direct focus, a study of consciousness needs to take place.

Health is structured in consciousness. Every physiological function has a corresponding list of anatomical body parts. But what is the anatomy of the healing function? Where in the body is healing located, controlled by or where it healing ever absent? It is evident that healing is all pervading, all intelligent and highly organized. Healing is a function of consciousness.

Key dynamics of Consciousness are Intelligence, Bliss and Existence. Within the zone of existence, the priority is to follow bliss in an innately intelligent manner. Other than some basic knowledge, it is unnecessary to have an education on the optimal structure of every tissue, organ, limb, cell, neuron, protein and molecule in the body. It is also unnecessary to attempt to understand every function the body can act out, which would have to include every thought, word and deed. No person can have thorough knowledge of every field of human study.

In order to affect the structure, which governs functionality, what is needed is application of the above mentioned dynamics of consciousness. These dynamics are inherent to a consciousness-based healing method such as the BodyTalk System. BodyTalk is structured according to these dynamics. Its application is the function of consciousness, which is heath care at its best.

What also becomes evident with this approach is that it is more useful to have a proper understanding and experience of the inner workings of consciousness rather than to have limited knowledge of the many anatomical parts and functions. Knowledge of this type (beyond the basic information covered in the modules and dvds) extensive as it might be, can never cover every area. As the saying goes, "The more I learn the more I don't know."

Each practitioner will always have areas of interest allowing him to be somewhat of a specialist. But being a well trained consciousness-based practitioner is to be a generalist specializing in the dynamics of consciousness. Being "well trained" is not limited to information and techniques. We, as practitioners, need to be more and more clear expressions of consciousness so that the dynamics of a session can flow freely, efficiently and effortless. It is that quality of practice that facilitates powerful structural shifts to awakening our untapped potential.

Fortunately for us, beyond receiving sessions ourselves and doing Access, we have at our disposal the Life Science courses offered by the IBA. Consciousness is Life and the applied science of life is brought out by the synthesis of BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall. These courses have their specific benefits but together their holistic value transcends the obvious and brings out from the depths of silence the dynamics of Health Consciousness. Culminating in the advanced Parama work, consciousness-based therapy takes its genuine status as supreme wisdom applied to everyday practical living. It is healthy to live consciously.

Consciousness is all there is and I am its expression. Are you?

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