BodyTalk Access Project at the Nussdorf Elementary School Austria

Aug 20, 2010

By Submitted by Michaela Ellen Kain, BAT, CBP, Austria

The students who took part in this project requested that John Veltheim receive this message

Michaela Ellen Kain (CBP, Access Trainer) ran a three week BodyTalk Access project at the Nussdorf elementary school. Everyone from 1st to 4th grade was taught how to do the BodyTalk Access techniques. Ms Kain taught the students the 5 BodyTalk Access techniques which aim at helping the students to cope with the work-intensive life at school in a healthy and focused manner. The youngsters all joined in eagerly. With inquiring and interested minds, they explored the topic of how the body worked and questions were the order of the day.

The students' reported their ability to concentrate had increased considerably, only a few reported of a slow increase. The teacher noticed that the students worked in a much more performance-minded way, were more outspoken and free of fear. Their social behaviour within the group got a gentle push in the right direction.

Looking back, the results gained were altogether positive and the students eagerly continue doing the BodyTalk Access techniques as these techniques take up only little of their time and can be done in any place.

Special thanks go to the headmaster Mr Hans Seidl for his support of BT Access and to Ms Bärbel Linsmeier and Ms Claudia Fajtl, both teaching at the respective schools.

The project was completed in a wonderful, sociable atmosphere. At the end of term–party the students wanted to tap their family members – everyone, from the twin babies to grandma and grandpa, got a full Access treatment. And of course, the youngsters got their richly deserved BT Access certificates for their brilliant achievement.

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