Insights into client interactions

Feb 04, 2011

By Dave Korchinski, ParBP, MindScape and Access Instructor

As an Insights Discovery™ practitioner, I work to improve self-awareness for individuals and improve interpersonal communications in companies across all industries as well as local, provincial, and national government agencies. Many of the strategies directly apply to how BodyTalk practitioners interact with clients.

A client who leads with fiery red energy will be bold and direct when speaking, like big ideas, exude confidence, embrace challenges, and expect fast results. You can meet their needs by matching their pace and volume; showing confidence in your abilities; explaining BodyTalk in a brief, point-form, big picture way; and providing immediate results. Teach them the cortices technique while emphasizing it as the single-most powerful BT technique for daily use – and show how quickly the technique is implemented. Strive to book the next appointment immediately or they may keep searching for the next big thing. After a session, suggest that matching their next appointment to the needs of their innate wisdom is the best way to achieve the fastest results.

Clients with dominant Sunshine Yellow energy are optimistic, outgoing, and have a zest for life and new experiences! Details are not their strong point, though, so show interest in them (notice their cool shades or stylin' shoes), listen to their stories, and promote BodyTalk to them as a spontaneous and interactive experience that will help them meet the demands of their hectic schedule. Teach them cortices as a way to bring their many and diverse ideas together in a 'mental matrix' that is grounded, but maintains maximum flexibility. Don't bog them down with the minutia of the formulas and BT history, but help them paint a picture of what their optimum health will look like. And use expressive language while being animated and entertaining. Know that they will tend to reschedule appointments more often than the others, but learn to deal with it, as they can be your best source of referrals once they catch the BT bug!

If a client carries a preference for Earth Green energy, they will be soft-spoken, personable, kind, gentle, and understated. Harmony in relationships is key. When you ask them how they are doing, wait for a response and show them you have heard it. Use a low-key approach and keep a steady pace. Point out how BodyTalk offers something for everyone, mention Access outreach programs, and note how so many practitioners give back to their communities. Show the cortices as a safe and gentle way to find their centre if they feel stressed by the demands of others. Explain that innate always does its best to support and nurture them, but sometimes innate needs support and nurturing, too! Expect them to quietly ponder how they feel before booking another session; but avoid a hard sell, as they will not respond well to being pressured.

Finally, Cool Blue energy rounds-out the Insights colour quadrants. People with this preference are formal, logical, and objective. Deep thinkers, they will ask a lot of "why" questions, and can be influenced by testimonials and guarantees. They like precision and correctness in communication, so make sure you have your facts straight as they will notice any logical inconsistencies in your approach. They have a keen sense of personal space, so you want to explain the tapping process and get verbal permission for any physical contact. Show cortices from a theoretical standpoint (e.g. to enhance Right and Left brain communication), and explain it slowly and methodically. Mention the benefits of using cortices consistently – Cool Blue has amazing self-discipline and if they commit to using the technique daily, they will! Blue energy appreciates detailed explanations of the progress of a session and may seek clarification at frequent intervals. A follow-up email summary will benefit you both.

If you would like more information on how Insights™ can help you know yourself and others better, and enhance your relationships, send me an email. We offer online sessions for individuals and small groups, and in-person seminars for larger crowds.

Another thought is to let the IBA know you would enjoy a half-day Insights Discovery™ session in a 'breakout' room at the next IBA conference. All Insights Discovery™ sessions include a 23-page report all about you, and exploration of the Discovery™ four-colour model (including good day behaviours and colour energies under stress), Jungian theory that underpins the Discovery™ model, analysis of your Insights™ graphs, and strategies to adapt and connect with others.

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