The Poetry of Health

Jul 08, 2011

By Dr. Nancy Werner M.D. Ac. - Sr. Instructor, SrCBI, CBI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP

A friend recently published her third novel, and to acknowledge her creative achievement invited a sizeable group of thinkers and other artists to share insights in an evening of discourse and celebration. Listening, I was delighted and absorbed by their rich exchange. Her
book is an examination of the anguish of the human condition, yet the evening of eloquently expressed shared insights was an acknowlegement of the joy and power of language, well used.

Sharing that evening felt to me like arriving at an oasis after a long trek in the desert. I would like my clients to experience something similar, through the joy and power of language, in our sessions.

Over the years, I've often referred to BodyTalk as "the Esperanto of health." This is because it is universal, and gives hope. The wellturned phrase and the ablity to accompany our clients with a dispassionate narrative of their journeys reflects the power of our discipline. It is an ability practitioners cultivate, impossible to learn in a single class, or even to teach – one that grows and becomes stronger over time and with experience. Lately though I also sense our discipline as the Poetry of Health.

Masters of language, masters of the talk, walking the talk – that is what we yearn for in our practice of the Language of Health. In some circles, masters of language are called "poets" and the mastery achieved is known as "poetry." The root of that word actually means "to make" and is based on the Sanskit meaning act or deed.

Language is a two-way street, have you noticed? Even the solitary reading of a good book stimulates in us ideas and new, more expansive ways of experiencing Life, just as a dialogue with a good friend might. Body "talk" implies conversation, exchange. The body talks, and with the help of our practitioner we learn to listen, to receive, as shifts occur. The body no longer needs to shout (with distress and symptoms) because we are listening to those whispers. We become good conversationalists.

So at this year's conference, I look forward to sharing with you some of of the insights gathered from my clients, students in different parts of the world, and colleagues in our ongoing journey of mastery, particularly of language and "the deed." The power of language, poetry, is a bridge that can bring health and harmony into manifestation.

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