Finding Health... Discovering Namaste... ...Realizing Yourself.

Jul 22, 2011

By Kerry Forbes

The day started out much like all the others but considerably earlier; with the sounds of the chirping spring peepers wafting through the crisp morning air; it was still dark as I fumbled for my alarm clock to tell me that it was 5:30 a.m. and time to rise to the occasion. I show-ered, dressed and emerged from my warm, red sleeping quarters and was met by Don and Kelley Burry who had been up for at least a half an hour tending to the horses and preparing that first pot of freshly perked Joe.

It was the first day of „Finding Health? here at Namaste; the first morning that everyone who arrived late the day before... who made it through the uncertainty of „sleeping with strangers? and being away from familiar surroundings, who managed to brave their first night stay, got the op-portunity to meet one another through rested eyes and refreshed perspectives.

If you ask anyone, that first night is a challenge for most. I see it time and again, the look of uncertainty and hesitation mixed with excitement and anticipation as they come through the door one by one or in groups to attend a course here at Namaste. Reminiscent of going off to camp as a child, this experience conjures up very simi-lar emotions and offers up the very same opportunities to make new friends, surmount old fears and doubts, laugh, cry, wonder and eventually emerge refreshed, having learned something that will enhance and possibly change the course of their lives forever more.

7:00 a.m. the guests started to emerge from their rooms one by one, wiping the sleep from their eyes, pouring that first cup of coffee and wondering what the day would hold. Uncertain of who everyone was and wondering about their own place in this group of spiritual explorers.

A bountiful spread of freshly baked breads, ripe seasonal fruits, freshly prepared bacon, pancakes and eggs was laid out for the morning taking. One by one the guests served themselves and found a seat next to someone of whom they chatted with the night before. The quiet murmur of con-versation was heard throughout the dining room as people became acquainted with one another, where they came from, whey they were there and sometimes offering up truths about themselves that they would never normally otherwise volunteer. Trust often begins to develop here, over French toast and fried eggs.

8:00 a.m. John emerged from his 4 star tack-room-oasis and was met by eager faces and inquisitive minds. While John enjoyed his morning bounty, there was plenty of time to wander the grounds, have that second or third cup of coffee, commune with the horses, finish off a conversation or just sit on the deck and let the sunshine and hummingbirds set the mood for the rest of the day.

The bell was rung and the conference room filled with anticipation and 30 eager minds with open hearts converged on this space to experience first-hand, the genius of a man who will likely change forever the face of health care as we know it.

John spoke for the remainder of the day to an audience who was transfixed by his capacious understanding of the human body, psyche and spirit. The silence broken only by the occasional well placed quip served up by John himself, to keep everybody on their toes and to ensure that our thinking remained outside the box.

As the guests filed out one by one after an engaging and compelling day, thoughts and feel-ings from the days? lecture spilled out over fresh Atlantic Halibut, an array of seasonal salads and delicious baked goodies. The conversations were as flavorful as the dinner menu. Something had happened during the days? course... something unifying had taken place underneath the words and concepts put forth; A subtle and pervasive understanding and appreciation for our "oneness? had begun to permeate our small group.

Where only hours before, guests were happy to take their plates and find a quiet spot to enjoy their breakfast and lunch on their own, by dinner they were seeking out the company of others; perhaps someone who asked a question earlier in the day that triggered something deep within them, or maybe they were eager to speak to that person who flagged an issue that mirrored their own, or maybe they just wanted to converse with someone who only yesterday started out as a stranger but today is now a friend, based on a shared experience or mutual perspective.

I watched the evening roll out like a soft, green carpet. John came down to join us after enjoy-ing some personal time and communing with the horses and the last remnants of any uncer-tainty, hesitation and isolation within the group, melted away with the sun as it dipped down behind the trees and lit up the night sky with lumines-cent pink and orange hues. The conversations now flowed as easily as the wine. The sound of music, laughter and friendship drifted through the night air filling the patio with a sense of sacred oneness, purpose and joy.

From the circle around the fire came a soft voice from one of the hesitant few at the on-set "I now understand the „Container Principle?, it?s like entering a Divine nest with your brothers and sisters, being cradled by Love and hatched into Mindful Community". "Yes" I said, "welcome to your new world."

Thank you John, for bringing us together as you have. We look forward to our next journey with you.

...and I look forward to what tomorrow may bring.

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