The Container Principle ala Namaste

Oct 28, 2011

By Part Two of a Two Part Series Submitted by Kerry Forbes

Time and again we see it. Folks come from all over, consumed with the hardships in their lives, unresolved feelings, fractured relationships and frayed emotions. They land at Namaste anxious, fearful and hesitant--unsure what lies ahead, with much trepidation about exposing their raw truths and ultimately about how they will be received by others.

That first day is always a mixture of uncertainty and anticipation -- everyone's heart beating to the sound of their own drum...

At Namaste, we strive to create an opportunity to come together as friends and community, a safe place to share and an environment which encourages a deepening within one's self. Nurturing the mind, body and spirit and providing a setting that fuels and supports internal transformation is the way of Namaste.

We have found that the emotional/spiritual 'container' we provide expedites profound personal change in group members. When a person attends a course at Namaste, a 'quickening' occurs. It's not long before a deep well of trust is experienced which supports and assists in the releasing of all that is outdated, obstructive and ready to be shed. We call this space 'heart space'.

Heart space is a space of love, compassion and understanding, a place in which it is safe to expose and transform -- the perfect supportive environment for learning BodyTalk, particularly courses such as BreakThrough and FreeFall. For as we know, these courses call for profound self honesty and the courage to shed light on deep-seated belief systems and emotional patterns. The sanctuary of heart space becomes that much more imperative.

At Namaste, it is our honor to provide such a place of understanding and compassion, a place where people come together to unravel the mystery of themselves. The most meaningful and all-encompassing interpretation of the 'container principle' is the energetic structure we create to house our Love. We build a house of Love, and at the end of a course at Namaste, hearts beat not as a cacophony but as One.

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