Treatment Intensive WOW!! Twice in Seven Weeks

Jul 19, 2011

By Lesley McIntyre

Treatment Intensive with John Veltheim himself is a must do class!! Not content with attending just the May class in Limerick, Ireland I also popped along to the July class in Surrey, England all within just seven weeks.  For those of you who are not familiar with this seminar it is simply watching the master himself in action as he conducts sessions on around 30 people over 2 days.  The class is open to BodyTalkers of all levels and John explains what he is doing in a way that everyone can understand.  He approaches all manner of disease in the same way regardless of the perceived severity with comments like "oh it's a benign tumour and it'll be gone by morning".  As John is no longer in practice he uses this as a means to develop the system and it is very exciting to be part of those Eureka moments!!  I am constantly amazed at how the BodyTalk System continues to develop and evolve and John shares some of the new techniques from the PaRama College as they come up in sessions and some of his new insights from Finding Health 2.  Obviously the more we understand these techniques as practitioners the more we can help our clients.  

One thing that did surprise me was the number of sessions where I felt an entanglement.  So I would tap myself out as John tapped out the client and then check if I needed anything else along those lines.  There were many shifts for everyone some who were crook, some very crook and luckily only a couple classed as b*gg*r*d on the Australian scale of health!!!

I was lucky enough to have a session at both classes and although I was rough for a few days I can honestly say they have had a profound affect on some long-term health issues.  So everyone check out the IBA website for future classes and prepare to be intensely wowed.

Lesley McIntyre AdvCBP, BAT, CBI  

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