Exciting MEWS, from the Animals.

May 11, 2012

By Loesje Jacob

Woof, wwwwwoof, woof..... mew, mew, meow meeeeeoowwww...!!! Quack? RrrrrrrrroaR! Purrrrrrr...tweet, tweeeeeett, tweettweettweet. Neigh, whinny. Heehaw-heehaw? Grrrunt, grunt. Grrrrrr. Moooooo. Bzzzzzzzzzz bz bz bz bz bz bzzzzzzzz!!!
What's all this buzzin, roaring & barking about?

We the Animals are talkin' in peoples' homes, barns, alleyways, clinics, kennels, sanctuaries & zoos! We're sharin' the great mews! There's a trainin' taking place, May 25 – 31 – 2012 in the beautiful sunny Okanagan Valley, B.C. Canada, close to the lakes & vineyards, people travellin' far distance, from far away places, in trucks, cars, on big silver winged birds. Gatherin', sharein', laughin'... learnin' to train more humans how to support us animals to be happy & healthy!! Now we can also go to more classes around the world, bring our humans & we can help the BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainers teach them humans how much we been helping them, the humans that is! Helping their families, their lands, and this earth for years, centuries.
We hear that Loesje Jacob (BTI, BTAI) has been travelling the globe for years in search of qualified applicants to train in a 5-day practical workshop. First of it's kind in BodyTalk, a pilot project they call it. Hmm we should ask our friends the Pilot Whales about this.

The mews is, that this training will certify BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainers to help us educate our companions (you know, the humans). The word in the pasture is that she has found an amazing group of courageous pioneers in this time of change of perspective, in relation to us animals and the power of BodyTalk to support all animals here in the earth, on earth, in the sea and in the air.

The birds have been flying and they have seen a few of you that Loesje hasn't heard from yet. Where are your applications? Why have you not sent them in? Hurry get on your donkeys, swim with your dolphin pod, run with the wolves, let your cats help you email Loesje 333FullCircle@gmail.com for your applications!

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