Surrendering In Life With BodyTalk

Jun 08, 2012

By Michael Cruickshancks

Kundalini Awakening

As we begin to evolve as human beings it is a natural and evolutionary process to witness the consciousness ascend through the central channel, more commonly referred to as the chakra system or the arena where the Kundalini awakening happens from, and ultimately in to the brain itself.  When the consciousness of our soul or higher self is pure enough to purge through the gate into the brain, life as we know it ultimately changes.  The chakras have opened to the stage of burning away a good part of past karma and the purity of consciousness is more available.  Becoming a witness to the process in one's own being is not to be taken lightly.  BodyTalk has been for me and I am sure many others a beacon to assist in making life a little easier through the process. 

It is this stage in our evolution that we awaken to our true selves and the light of our own being shines with brightness and unfettered radiance.  The process up until this stage can be metaphorically described as giving birth to a new way of 'being' in the world.  The challenges up until this point are often great and at times seem insurmountable.  With all the obstacles on the path in full view for the conscious mind to  accept with openness,  yet often with grave difficulty, is the necessary process of being in touch with our unconscious attitudes so they can be purged and no longer rule our motivation, thoughts, and behavior.  It is this discovery of the unconscious attitudes that gives rise to the witnessing of the mind as it is, and not how we would like it to be. 

When we decide to observe things as they are, we give ourselves permission to be fully present and conscious of all that arises in the mind.  Witnessing the mind in its various states of craving, passion, joy, peace, anger, fear, and aversion allows the mind to learn to be at peace with even the most undesirable states.  This often manifests as chaotic and spontaneous expressions of mind that at times we attach to and define ourselves by.  It is this process that creates the illusion of the 'self'.  When we experience a glimpse of the impermanence within the mind, we learn to relax with ourselves and allow the rawness of mind to 'be' just what it is for however long it lasts. In other words, we drop our resistance and 'live' with what is.

'Awakening' with BodyTalk

In BodyTalk we approach the healing of the split mind, or the mind that judges and categorizes life experience as being good or bad, by acknowledging its presence and realizing the split is not part of our innate existence as a human being.  As the layers of this illusion are peeled away we begin to allow the body and mind to become whole again, and to express itself in its full radiance. 

Experiences of deep 'knowing' and intuition are related to experiencing in a more pure way.   This new and evolving sense itself.of being allows the body/mind to function as nature intended, as complete in itself.  The continued discovery of 'who' we are, it is with joy and enthusiasm our true nature begins to shine.  For it is often in uncovering of who we are not that allows for the 'greatness' of who we are to express

Unburdening and the Motivation to Serve           

As we unburden, we become who we are meant to be, ourselves.  This natural expression of who we are will overflow with spontaneity, love, enthusiasm, and the desire to assist others in unburdening and reaching their potential as a human being.  As the practitioner observes what the client needs to heal, they will simultaneously experience a healing in their own split mind.     

The most exciting and joyous part of our being will awaken when the pure consciousness from the source or the divine becomes integrated in to our daily lives.  Now we can smile in the mirror because it is our own light that will be shining back.  The BodyTalk System allows the universal source of wisdom to flow through the practitioner and in to the consciousness of the client.  This will allow the innate wisdom of the client to be reminded of what the potential for healing and awakening is.  As the client and practitioner continue to unburden belief systems, improve communication between all body parts, organs, endocrines, chakras, and body systems, the closer they will be to their own awakening. 

To reach a point in life when we 'realize' consciousness is what animates our beings, will also be the discovery of 'who we are'.  In that moment when we realize we 'are consciousness' animating itself through a physical being will be the moment the light of our soul shines with brightness and clarity.  The light is the universal consciousness of love and all that is good.  This will be the enveloping moment of merging the past, present, and future. 

As we begin the merger back to our true self, our ability to see what is more truthful and what has less truth increases.  We naturally relax in to life and are guided by what 'feels right'.  The trust in our inner guidance gives us confidence to be spontaneous, act with love, and to openly share our gifts and strengths with others.  The 'rightness' of life becomes more apparent, and just becomes easier. 

As we continue on the path and discover what BodyTalk can offer ourselves and others we realize our lives get easier and become less stuck.  I have gratitude to my teachers, including John Veltheim for offering a tremendous gift to me and to the world.  It is with pleasure that I will offer my guidance and service to others using the BodyTalk System, my life experience, and a willingness to continue my learning and enthusiasm in my clinic and my life.

With gratitude to my partner Vibeke, my fellow seekers, my teachers, friends and family.


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