There is an old sailors saying: "It is ok to pray to God for wind but in the mean time you must row."

Aug 31, 2012

By Jeffrey Goodman, CBI, CBP, Business Whisperer

Many of you know me since the early days of BodyTalk and the journey I took from a very successful Fashion/Advertising Photographer to having a waiting list of BodyTalk clients after only 3 months of my first BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mods 1 & 2) in 2003.  Due to this success I had many practitioners from a variety of modalities, including BodyTalk, start asking me for advice to help them achieve similar successes.
Over the years of consulting, I have come to see a very common pattern emerge to why so many great BodyTalk Practitioners and Life Science Facilitators struggle in business and are not able to experience long-term abundance in their careers.  There is a simple reason (and solution) to why they eventually run out of money and sadly are forced to seek out other career choices.  This breaks my heart. They love being a practitioner/ facilitator, they are incredibly skilled and most importantly the world needs them, yet, in the end, they are unable to sustain their business and themselves long term. 
It really is not their fault.  They are simply following the exact same mindset of most other practitioners. 
So... here it is:
Biggest Mistake #1:

The "If I build it, then they will come." belief system.  This is by far the biggest of the biggest self-sabotaging business mistakes.  I see so many of you in the same pothole of thinking that IF I just take XXX next course or learn just one more technique, THEN the clients will come. Or my favorite: IF I learn it all, I will know enough and THEN I can start charging for sessions.
Your business is a living being and it must be treated as such.  Most practitioners expend all their excess money, time, energy and emotions, trying to build their skills as a practitioner or facilitator and then they do not have anything left over to help develop the growth of their business.  So many of your businesses are as energetically out of balance as the clients that come in and see you.  I know... I don't hold a punch very well, but you need to know the truth.
When I start working with a new practitioner/facilitator, this is usually how their business model looks. 

This model is so common; I would consider it an epidemic because your business will not survive this way.  What you are looking at is how your investment/spending on courses is so high and way out of balance in relationship to your income.  Since there is so little to no investment into business education, the business mistakes become high and very costly.  I wont even take the time to discuss how you are missing so many other success opportunities as well. 
Please understand your business is a living energy and this approach will quickly cause dis-ease in you and your business and your business. In effect: your business will die. We must not let that happen any more!  So many BodyTalk Practitioners and Life Science Facilitators are struggling to get by, when instead we must be a model of health and abundance to our clients on all levels; personally and professionally.
The solution to this is simple. You know the solution and yet I continue to witness how many of you still make the process hard for yourselves. So, I understand that these solutions will require some extra explanations to help your mind make the shift. 
Solution #1 You are enough and have enough right now to create success.

You can turn the "dis-ease business model" I just showed you how you have been trying to grow your businesses into ease very quickly.  First is to stop what you are doing and know that right now you have enough skills and techniques to be successful. I personally created a waiting list of clients with only the skills of BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mods 1 & 2).  I was not alone; I guided many of my previous students into becoming successful practitioners with only having the BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mods 1 & 2) certification.  They did this by simply following exactly what I did to make my BodyTalk business successful. 
Those who followed through with what I showed them... prospered.  After they were certified they started learning and immediately applying specific business techniques to grow their business. First was that understanding of what their bottom line budget was.  Then they made a professional agreement that before they could spend any more money on advance trainings they needed to create an income that at least met this line.

Then, when when their income rose above this level of sustainable success they could then use the extra money to save for the next advanced course. The advanced courses where not just in BodyTalk they also educated themselves in the current business ethics and business practices as well.
Your business as practitioner/facilitator will succeed when you create a healthy balance between developing your talents as a practitioner/facilitator and learning the skills and tool for growing your business.  If you wish to create a long term sustainable business so you can help others you must create an ebb and flow between learning and earning.  Investing early on in the tools and education that you need to help you manage, market and your business as a practitioner/facilitator will only generate success. 
This leads me into...
Solution #2 Set new priorities. Balance your learning.

Understand your business is a living being and it needs energy to survive and thrive.  As you are taking energy out of your business to spend on improving yourself and your techniques as a BodyTalk Practitioner and/or Life Science Facilitator you must also balance it by learning how to bring in energy [i.e money] back into that which you have taken out.  If you do not know how to do this, then it is a priority right now. Invest in a business course that teaches practitioners how to improve your business skills and as a business owner. It is only fair.  If you ignore your business's needs it will ignore you and you both lose in the end. Now is the time to thrive. To do so you must commit to investing in career education along with your personal growth education.
Where to start? 
  1. Obviously, CareerHearted. This article is not about promoting the CareerHearted course.  I am telling you as a fellow BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor: You must take this course!  This course has been designed specifically for you and to give you ALL the tools and knowledge you need to build a prosperous business.
  2. Join cutting edge blogs and social sites on business.  These people are trend setting and you want to watch what they are doing and mirror that in your business.
  3. Spend a lot of time learning the needs of your current clients and build deep relationships with them. Invest your time and energy helping them help you spread the word about you.
  4. Get a business mentor.  Find one that really understands you and your specific industry.  The good ones will make you more money than you are spending on them but you have to be willing to step up and start the process. I love mentoring and I love helping others succeed.
  5. Surround yourself with others who are more successful than you and learn what they do and do it!
  6. Allow others to help you.  You by nature are a giver and I know for many it is hard to receive. Find others who want to help you succeed and let them.
  7. Let go of the thinking that you have to be perfect before you can start.
The graph below shows the result of when a practitioner/facilitator invests in learning the proper tools needed to take care of and tend to their business.  By learning these core needs of your business to help it thrive, it will in turn help you grow as well.  When you properly invest in the health of your business, you will naturally create a new balanced flow of money coming in, to support the amount of money flowing out.  When you and your business are in flow, both your lives can prosper!

There are so many ways to learn the tools needed to bring in energy [a.k.a. money] into your business to help you and your business grow.  One example is Lisa Sullivan, a graduate of CareerHearted and I, are facilitating a 6 week course to start the process to help you allow for more money to flow through you.  We started this Wednesday the 29th and do not worry, there is plenty of time to join us. We recorded the first show and you can listen and join us next week to continue. Email me at and we will get you all set up.  You and your business need and deserve this type of support right now.
Solution #3 Your business is alive. Learn to listen to it and tend to its needs of your business.
When you take the time to create space to listen to and tend to your business it will respond.  Listen the same way you do with clients, animals and plants.  Your business is alive and it wants to grow too. Consciously invest in its growth and it will by Nature's law return the favor in so many abundant ways. Establishing this conscious awareness and commination between you and your business energy is a technique taught in the CareerHearted course.
Solution #4 Get out of the Mind and into the Heart.
Empowering yourself and your business energy with the most current tools for success will allow you to attract other opportunities, which will create an excess of money flowing inand become more than the money flowing out. This is where success and abundance are manifested.  To do this though you must create the appropriate action-energy and effort. 

Action-energy and effort. 
We have all heard how powerful visualization can be.  I agree and I use it as a part of my success but I do not rely on it as the source for building my business.  Yes, it is a great tool and in the course I show you how to use it properly for your business success but just visualizing [i.e. using your mind] is not enough.  Just thinking success does not create it.  You must take action.  I share this for I see so many that avoid the action and think they can just visualize their success.  
There is an old sailors saying.  "It is ok to pray to God for wind but in the mean time you must row."
Your heart is in constant action.  It is working around the clock to keep you alive.  You must get into action.  You can "Be" the "Doing" by doing what you love.  Learn to love all of it.  Loving being a BodyTalk Practitioner and Life Science Facilitator means loving the wholeness of your business. Love giving sessions. Love learning how to properly advertise and market.  Yes, learn to love what it feels like to allow yourself to receive money in exchange for the wonderful service and experience you provide. Learn to love your whole business.  All of it. You and your business are a team and you can work as a team so you both can grow into abundance.
Embracing this whole love for your career as a BodyTalk Practitioner and/or Life Science Facilitator will create a new abundant experience for you, your clients and your business.  This in turn generates a new energy and strength within the BodyTalk and Life Science matrices, which will then be fed back to you.
Cheers to you for committing to helping others and the planet.
I am excited to meet you soon!
Jeffrey Goodman and CareerHearted 

View a list of Upcoming CareeerHearted Seminars around the world.

From Phyllis Rice, CBP and now super motivated CareerHearted Graduate

I am forever grateful to the IBA for endorsing Jeffrey's course and to Jeffrey for his brilliance, wisdom and knowledge in putting together this amazing course and making it available to us.  We have so needed it.  The magic and the benefits we get from this course is a long list!  The main benefit is Jeffrey is also a successful BodyTalk practitioner and Instructor and he clearly understand our needs first hand. 
It is obvious that Jeffrey wants us all to become successful and has put his 150% into this course.  With such compassion, Jeffrey has mastered the ability to teach business in a language that we can understand.  He shows us every detail, tool and secret that he used to build his business to success.
I came to the course drained.  Drained of energy, money and hope.  I had taken so many BodyTalk courses thinking that will help my business grown but nothing was changing.  Everyone was telling me I just need to take another advanced course or have get a BodyTalk session about my business or do Breakthrough or they would tell me "Don't worry Phyllis, once you are ready your clients will start showing up."  Well, I am ready, I have been ready for a long time and nothing was happening!
So I showed up in class and I was tired and frustrated. All I wanted to do was do what I loved: BodyTalk!  I love doing BodyTalk but I was becoming afraid that I would not be able to continue taking any more classes.  My business was not making enough money for me to survive and certainly not enough stay in BodyTalk. I have seen so many run out of money and I was afraid this was going to be my fate too if something did not drastically change.
It did.  CareerHearted.
All I can tell you is you MUST take this course BEFORE you do anything else or take any other course.  CareerHearted is so important that it should be required as part of the certification process to become a practitioner.  This course would help every practitioner that is struggling right now with his or her business.  CareerHearted has finally filled a huge gaping hole in the BodyTalk System.
CareerHearted is fun and easy to understand.  Anyone can take this course and it will immediately help you and your business.  Learning how to break down the different parts of our business into the Chakra system made the processes even easier.  Jeffrey walks us through everything we need to know about starting, growing and maintaining a successful BodyTalk practice and we get to practice what we learn in class too. 
Please learn from my mistakes. It is a MUST TAKE for all BodyTalkers.  I was like so many of you, I heard how great the course was but kept telling myself I did not have the money.  I am so glad I stopped listening to that sabotaging voice and had the course to take the course.  Make CareerHearted your priority and the very next class you take.  Do not be afraid like I was.  Jeffrey shows you how money is just energy and energy loves motion.  The moment I decided to put my energy in motion everything change for me.  Next to the Fundamentals class it is the very best course in BodyTalk
Since the class, I don't just have a head fill with hope, instead I have the 100% confidence for success. Yes, 100%.  I finally know EXACTLY what I need to do.  I now have the excitement, passion and most importantly understanding of how to grow my business step by step.
You too can do this! You too need this course. CareerHearted is exactly what we need to continue to do what we love to do:  BodyTalk.

Phyllis Rice, CBP and now super motivated CareerHearted Graduate

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