CareerHearted - How to Turn Your Passion into Prosperity

Sep 27, 2012

By Jeff Goodman

The IBA is excited to share with you a new course offered to anyone in the IBA community that will give you a whole new way to look at business in a way that will really speak to your heart! 

On Oct 20, 2012, Jeffrey Goodman a BodyTalk Instructor and creator of CareerHearted, will be offering a One Day version of CareerHearted for those who are really struggling with their businesses and need something right away to get them going again. Think of this as the Access to the BodyTalk System.  Jeff has taken some of the key experiences out of his three day intensive and put it into a one day experience- that is now affordable to everyone.

CareerHearted will be having a one-time only live event (in Phoenix Arizona) and live streaming (yes you can watch the live or recorded event at your home anywhere in the world) called How to Turn Your Passion into Prosperity.

On this day you will experience that your business is literally a living being that you can now connect with through your heart.  You will be shown how to organize your business to model Mother Nature to align with what you so love to do.  This special one-day event will offer the key tools and resources you will need to prosper both personally and professionally in such a way that you feel you are always in alignment.   

Check out for more about this incredible course.

Currently there is a limited time special offer of over 60% off the event price that is going on right now.

So, if you love what you do and are ready to prosper then you do not want to miss this special one-day event. Check out

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