OBTA 2012 Symposium – It's Possible!

Oct 12, 2012

By David Huff

It was more than possible – it happened.  The Ontario BodyTalk Association (OBTA) Symposium sub-committee hit a grand slam at the Kingbridge Centre on the weekend of September 29th – ask anyone who was there!  People were so jazzed by the speakers, participation activities, venue, and fine dining that they are already asking about next year.
"Great variety of presentations.  Wonderful to begin with a few words from John Veltheim.  The location was glorious!  Wonderful to be able to go outside and walk the trails."
"Thank you.  A very enjoyable day.  Grateful and appreciative of all your efforts."
"Wonderful, warm fuzzies; uplifting; informational; connecting; supportive...looking forward to the next one!"
"Great healing location."
"Bonus portfolio binder."
"Two days would be great."
"What I liked most was:  the music at the end and the mantra?"
"WOW!  Awesome energy and experience this year.  OBTA growth and maturity is evident!"
"Dynamic speakers.  Everyone was wonderful.  Loved the location – I would consider to stay overnite next time.  Great food.  Connecting with like-minded people."
Reminded me of taking classes at the Omega Center
"It is so heartwarming to share the day with our wonderful community of BodyTalk people in Ontario."
The day was magic. The land itself warmly invited everyone in and nurtured all of our senses.  The facilities and food were fabulous. The interactive presentations flowed together like a winding river. We visually experienced how we are One. The simple elegance of how to create a quantum leap by focusing on one small detail at a time became obvious. We discovered new insights on  the importance of making conscious choices when feeding our bodymind. Any doubt that a six figure income in BodyTalk is possible was eliminated. This was integrated with creative examples of how to effectively increase visibility in our communities. New initiatives within the OBTA were unveiled and received enthusiastically. As the river of presentations looped back. Many teary eyes were seen as we honoured the animals and felt our Oneness with them.  The day reached a crescendo with as we experienced the healing power of sound.  Touched at a deep level, the evening wrapped up with many deciding to stay and enjoy each other's company over dinner. 
Each year this event gets better and better. No matter where you live we invite you to join us next year. Start organizing with your colleagues to be at the next Ontario BodyTalk Association Symposium, Saturday September 28th, 2013 – It's happening now! 
Shine brightly,
Dave Huff Nicole Fisher
President Vice President

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