Of Dogs and MindScape

Feb 16, 2013

By Donald Burry

Of Dogs and MindScape The following story is true. The names have not been changed. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be a part of a MindScape experience that actually saved a life. It all started out as a typical day at Namaste Nova. Kelley was teaching a Fundamentals class while I was managing the meals and the snacks.

It was the weekend, and so our daughter was home from University for a couple of days. As with days when there are courses being held, the animals are coming and going from the house noticed in absence only at meal times. It was after lunch when the dogs, Rugby and Lewis, were last seen going outside. A while later Lewis was back inside the house lounging on a sofa, but Rugby was still outside. 

You could hear his "hound dog" howl through the woods indicating that he was on the scent of something. Later, there was a dog bark/howl off in the distance that didn't sound like Rugby and so no one paid much attention to it. By about 3:30 in the afternoon, (snack break had come and gone with no sign of Rugby's return), it was time to do the barn chores and so my daughter, Emma, and I headed out for the barn. 

It was at this time that we all began to worry about where Rugby could be. Kelley though she sensed 'water' and a feeling that 'his energy was weakening'. Some other staff that was on-site helped in the search. While Emma went to do chores (evening was upon us and the horses would have to go in for the night), I went back to the pond to see if there was any sign of the missing canine. No tracks were visible on the ice and no signs of an area where something may have fallen through. I decided to follow the brook back down to the road from the pond to keep up with the 'water' image that had appeared to Kelley, although there are no deep pools along that section of stream. 

At this point I tuned in to my MindScape workshop for assistance. The first image that came to me was that of Rugby with his collar hooked onto a barbed-wire fence. I knew of a spot down stream where an old section of fence did cross the brook and so I started out for that spot. Along the way I also received an image of Rugby in a leg-hold trap and not being able to get away.

When I got there, there was no sign of dog or dog tracks in the snow. My next intuition was to head cross-country to where I had earlier heard the sounds of the 'strange' dog. The land next to ours is forested and does not have a residence on it, but is used by hunters in the fall for deer and bird shooting. I wasn't sure if they did trapping, but that image of a leg-hold trap was burning strong in my imagination.

I walked along the road for the half of a kilometer to where there is a dirt road which heads into the woods. As I got there I called Rugby's name and heard a faint bark/whimper in the distance. I followed the road calling his name and listening. I headed into the woods from the road when I heard a faint bark. There, under a pine tree was Rugby, caught up in a rabbit snare that had been tightening around his neck! 

No one knew how long he had been caught in the trap, but he must have been on the scent of a rabbit barreling along the trail until he met up with the snare. We figured out that the first barks and howls must have been at least four to five hours earlier. The miracle was that the snare had not done any physical damage to Rugby. It was the type of snare that would keep tightening if there was any struggling and so it was surprising that he was unmarked, let alone alive! 

We got him back to the house where I did a BodyTalk session on him (hydration being the main issue). This was a great example of how not to take everything in your intuition literally. I could have scoured the woods along the fence-line looking only for his collar attached to the barbed wire. I also could have ignored the leg-hold trap if I knew the hunters only used guns. Instead, both of those images came into being in the form a metal neck restraint that would trap and hold anything it caught. Watch out for allowing your left-brain to dominate and take over! But don't let your right brain be too dominant, either! MindScape allows you to employ full-brain functioning and save lives!

Donald Burry- MSI 

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