Eastern Medicine Review

Mar 01, 2013

By Irene Khor

Profound 5-Days with John Veltheim

The Lunar New Year this year is celebrated with excitement and prosperity in a very unique way with 2 Workshops by John Veltheim.
Instead of indulging our body with festive food, most of us took the opportunity and had taken time from our family, work and various commitments... and allow to feed the often neglected person - Ourselves!
Both the Founders's Session Intensive (FSI) and the lauch of the Eastern Medicine workshop has been extremely well received in Singapore.
Special thanks to Sufen Paphassarang who has initiated the send an invitation to IBA, whom reciprocated with the acceptance, and made it all possible.
I've been receiving text messages from fellow attendees almost everyday for a week to share how much they've enjoyed and benefitted from the Workshop in so many ways.
Prior to the Eastern Medicine workshop, 30 people had the opportunity to receive BodyTalk sessions from John in the FSI in 2 days. 

We had the opportunity to observe and learn from each of the treatments, most importantly witnessing the practical aspects of Kundalini, the 8 ancestral meridians covered in the Eastern Medicine workshop, together with PU2 and Finding Health topics in-action!!!
Being one of the 44 participants here, it has made tremendous and immediate difference in both the depth of my practise as a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner and more importantly personal growth.
The Eastern Medicine workshop has attracted a wide range of participants, ranging from all people who has not previously exposed to BodyTalk, Therapists of other Modalities, Yoga Instructors, BodyTalk clients of many years, as well as our very own PaRama practitioners and BodyTalk Instructors.
Despite the wide range of audiences, the workshop has congruently delivered its intended purpose and much more!!!

The overall message is so clear and obvious - No matter who you are, what you do, where you are in your path... one way or another... you will meet your energetic body's Perception Horizon!
The critical difference is - can you recognise it when you see it?
The most common feedback from participants are - they now have the abililty to recognise where they are in the path.

Thereafter acknowledge the various aspects of Kundalini with care and respect - whether its temporily manifestation, pathological or natural expression, as opposed to how it has been "mis-diagnose", "mis-awakened by force" ... or simply MIS-UNDERSTOOD hence mis-treated, can lead to severe neurological disorders for those "awakening-wannabes"!!!
The other amazing hightlight of the course is understanding The Eight Ancestral Meridians's characteristics with its influences on the Kundalini.
The course has clarified most of the myths and misconception about Kundalini, and John has taught such profound materials and send the knowledge across in a light manner, fun and easy to embrace.
If Kundalini represents the primary energy of consciousness where our underlying source of energy resides, and The Eight Ancestral Meridian and Connectomes are amongst the main pathways of that manifestation; I don't see any reason why you haven't plan to attend - unless you are not interested in getting to know what lies beneath you!
A very warm heartfelt gratitude to John for developing the Course, and teaching such profound materials with so much ease and fun.
Yours gratefully,
Irene Khor - Adv. CBP, BAT
Awakening Touch Pte Ltd
19-A Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089833
Clinic: +65 62225787

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