Healing Through Story

Mar 15, 2013

By Tracey Clark

Healing Through Story
The Power is in the Details
by Tracey Clark
AdvCBP, AdvCBI, ParBP, BAT, D.O. (MP)
I remember my early days as a BodyTalk student and practitioner with such clarity, bounding out of BodyTalk Fundamentals eager to balance the world one tap at a time. My exuberant enthusiasm took me into each session but collapsed unceremoniously as soon as I would meet the dreaded combination of "Details? Yes, More Specific? Yes". Yikes! Wasn't it enough of a challenge to figure out where Innate wanted to go, how to get there, and what to ask without having to traipse down the dark hallway of details?

My anxiety would start to climb, as I would reach for the anatomy book or the physiology text wondering why it wasn't sufficient enough to simply link the entire liver to the entire spleen. Surely, the brain would know what the priority was and take care of it for me. My Innate consciousness seemed bound and bent to coax me down the rabbit hole leading me all the way down to the cellular level when I felt it was easier to just look at the big picture. Little by little my enthusiasm trickled its way down that dark hallway and into the rabbit hole with me and, lo and behold, the awe-inspiring complexities of the human bodymind opened up to me in all of its glory. I began to understand that the profound effectiveness behind the simplicity of the BodyTalk system comes from its respect and honouring of the unique story of each individual bodymind and the story is told through the Details! From that point on, my fear of the details became a yearning to develop my skills as an observer, a detective, a translator, and a storyteller.  
Why is the story (Details) so important? To understand that is to look a little closer at the sub-conscious mind and what it does with all of those details that we so painstakingly search for. Your sub-conscious mind is your autopilot for health and healing. If health is our ultimate goal, it is important to know how the sub-conscious mind works and to have it on our team. I came across a wonderful, although anonymous, quote that states, "it is important to know all of the laws in order to break them effectively". In other words, if we want to support the subconscious mind in its constant search for balance, it is important to learn what it needs and where it can get stuck. 
The subconscious mind is a storehouse for all experiences, beliefs, memories, and knowledge that is not currently in the conscious awareness. It is the master interpreter of incoming information based on the library of past experience that it holds and operates from. It works like a sophisticated computer in that the greater the input, the greater the output. The precision of the input (Details) determines the specific efficacy of the output. Your brain is the consummate multi-tasker. It is receiving and processing millions of pieces of information every second. Details help to focus and direct attention in the midst of an onslaught of information and possibility. It is the details of any story that make it unique and memorable and it is the details that allow for specific observation and change.

How does your subconscious mind receive and respond to information? Think of the brain as a radio receiver with millions of tiny antennas attuned to the world around it via the sense organs. It is through our five senses that we experience and interpret our world. Each word, each touch, each smell, each observation represents a vibration in the same way that the frequency of a radio wave can be manifested into a symphony of sound or image on a television screen or document through a fax machine. The frequency of vibration is a representation of something that can become manifest, in the case of the subconscious mind, through physiology. We have all experienced the power of a scent in drawing memory from the subconscious storehouse to the conscious mind evoking emotion or a physiological response as we recall the experience associated with the smell.  Similarly, I am sure that we have all had the experience of the "A Ha" moment when just the right word acts like a tuning fork shifting our frequency to allow for an insight that had been escaping us. 
The subconscious mind has a tendency to stick with a mode of operation or particular method of interpretation until replaced by a new one. That is where the BodyTalk practitioner and his/her skills of observation come in. A BodyTalk session is a dance between two minds communicating at a subconscious level. A Body Talk practitioner acts as a tour guide pointing out the highlights and areas of significance along the journey toward health. If a shift in perspective, and therefore, health, requires an observer/observation in order to manifest, it is the BodyTalk practitioner and his/her ability to reveal the story that is the catalyst to change. Every brave trip down the rabbit hole attunes the subconscious mind to an even more specific frequency of attention and possibility of change. Little did I realize in my early days of practice, that observing, writing or, if I was confident enough, pronouncing the latin name for some seemingly obscure anatomical structure was evoking a frequency that the subconscious mind was tuning into. I didn't realize then that my ability to reveal the right word or emotion or active memory was directing the subconscious mind to break down an old barrier by revealing its nature. I quickly realized that it was my powers of observation through my own five senses that were my tools as a practitioner and that the more open I was to receiving information in the form of details the greater impact the session had. 
So many of us go through life with a complete lack of body mind awareness. We stuff things in dark corners and filter our senses to a level of experience that feels safe. No wonder we often overlook the obvious or get stuck in a routine that no longer serves us. We simply can't see any other possibilities. Your body has the ability to self-heal and self-regulate but is simply operating on the instructions that consciousness provides. When we shine light on the whole story we have the ability to shift a worn out perspective and direct the subconscious mind to break down barriers that are no longer needed and operate from a whole new level of health. I know of no other system of healthcare that takes the time to hear the whole story addressing the whole person as opposed to the symptom or disease.
What details might you be missing in your own story? Are there dark hallways that you have been avoiding? Believe me the journey is well worth it. A whole new world awaits!
BodyTalk: Lymphatic Drainage & Applied A&P (Module 5) teaches the student to dive deep into Details of More Specific, Orientation and Definitions with more confidence so they can understand the significance of the topic. Join Tracey for this wonderfully mind-expanding course. 

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Tracey Clark AdvCBP, AdvCBI, ParBP, BAT, D.O. (MP)

Check out Tracy's website here.

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