Super Health for Life, a Medicine Chest for the World

Apr 12, 2013

By Judith Rybicki

Super Health for Life, a Medicine Chest for the World

We describe BodyTalk Access as the simplest course in the BodyTalk world, rightfully so but don't let that fool you. It can be very profound in it's effects – bordering on miraculous.  Ask anyone who has used Fast Aid on themselves or assisted someone else immediately following an injury and observed swelling, bruising, severe pain, loss of range of motion, blood loss, or disorientation abate right in front of their eyes.  Some students have also noticed with regular Access, scoliotic curves, chronic stiffness and pain, and allergy symptoms diminishing, just to name a few. 
As everything in life, it is easy to get caught up in the demands of daily life and to skip a day or two, yes even as an Access instructor, I have ebbed and flowed in doing my Access.  Yet, between the chill out routines I am blessed to know, when I do take the 7- 10 minute dive, each time I feel newly amazed at the transformative effects of this simple to use system.  Some may even choose to spend a lengthier time on the reciprocals breathing into and reveling in the relaxing and balancing effects of each one. 
Breaking it down, there is always the favorite move that the body is craving in it's visceral knowing, the thirst for the hydration technique or for example, the sphenoid to coccyx hold is my personal pinnacle for adjustment when I feel my entire spine, head to tail shift back into alignment.  Yet, it is in doing all 5 of these splendid techniques, the Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry and Reciprocals as a group that the quantum shift is really felt.  I believe doing Access is a lot like taking the time to do yoga or to meditate, you are blessing yourself from the heart by taking the time away from technology and your daily hum to refresh and renew.  If done regularly, it is clear that the brain does function better, the body feels more aligned and most of all the heart is happier.  With every breath and tap on the head we are waking the brain and with every tap on the heart, not only are we circulating the information we are waking up the heart. The repetitive deep breathing and tapping can help to generate a very supportive and positive response all the way down to the cellular level that can ultimately be quite transformational.  
Some BodyTalk practitioners give themselves sessions, which can be interesting and powerful yet the filter of the BodyTalker is molding the treatment. Because avoiding strong agendas is difficult when performing sessions on family members, or ourselves it is often easier and more efficient to follow the Access routine especially when performing on a regular basis. It may also prove to be most effective when the stress of the moment is too high to be clear enough to do a BodyTalk session on onesself and no one else is available to perform a session. Access is a great approach to target most major areas of the body for general healing and balancing. 
I've noticed chronic issues like, headaches, stomach problems, aches and pains, misalignments, scatterdness, depression, etc., resolve by doing Access regularly.  The beauty of the system is that it has a built-in positive feedback loop motivating one to continue as it generates a grounded feeling of health and self-acceptance like no other self-maintenance health program I have found.  Children around the globe can testify to this. As they feel the results, they remind their teachers that they need to do their Access before class because it helps them to think more clearly and do better on exams. 
Again I have to mention the Fast Aid treatment, which is so immediate in its results for minor injuries and accidents that I can't imagine life without it.  In my more klutzy moments, I have mended my body after burns, stubbed toes, and bike accidents.  The list continues of people I've treated within 5 minutes after fainting, slamming hands in doors, etc.  I can't say enough for the brilliance of Cortices and Reciprocals combined.
Let's meet the goal of bringing Access into every home by the year 2020; the world will thank us for it.
Judith Rybicki, DOM, CBP
Judith is an Access Instructor and will be teaching Access in Maimi at Educating Hands School of Massage April 18, 2013. Details Here.

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