Letter from the President May 2013

May 28, 2013

By Claudia Schembri-Heitmann

Letter from the President

Dear IBA Members,
It has been a while since I have written to you. As I had indicated last year, it was my intention to connect with you on a regular basis. Although I am very aware of my role as President and also as the Feminine Matrix Holder of the IBA, however it seems that I have been working more behind the scenes these last couple of months, rather than presenting myself on the forefront. At the beginning of the year, John Veltheim started his world tour of teaching his new and much awaited course "Eastern Medicine". In February, John and myself celebrated our 20th anniversary of knowing each other, which I must admit has been a snowballing adventure of continuous unlearning all along the way. In May, the IBA will launch its first "live stream" event of "Eastern Medicine" in Canada and in October, we will be holding the worldwide IBA members conference in Malta ("back to the roots / branching out / back to the origins") and still with quite a lot going on in between. 
The IBA management and staff are busy preparing and updating all the materials the IBA has to offer – website, online campus (in the works ...), branding and standards etc. ... just thinking about all of this makes me want to fasten my seatbelt. 
With regards to the IBA itself, my vision was and remains that of treating this energy field (matrix) like a Being in its own right (which I strongly believe it is). It is for this reason that we have started facilitating the IBA matrix sessions, scheduling specific follow-up sessions, while establishing the next appropriate practitioner for this session and all along keeping you posted as much as possible on the outcome. 
For me the interesting part was that I had to realize that just the same like a mother with her children, I had to somehow regularly check whether the sessions had been facilitated, whether the practitioners had received the information and so forth. This has developed into a very interesting process, since there is always the human factor involved. It also shows itself clearly that even when it comes to balancing and supporting an energy field (matrix), there are inherited and acquired sabotage and other patterns to be observed. But it also shows and teaches us that one should go with the flow of life as it presents itself. 

I like this following quote by Jeff Maitland:
"Every system is composed of systems, every system is a member of a system, and the forces between systems are systems. To understand any one system requires understanding the body as a whole, and to understand the body as a whole requires understanding each system. No one part or system is more fundamental than any other."
And I take the liberty of adapting it into:
"Every matrix is composed of matrixes, every matrix is a member of a matrix, and the forces between matrixes are matrixes. To understand any one matrix requires understanding the body as a whole, and to understand the body as a whole requires understanding each matrix. No one part or matrix is more fundamental than any other."
So maybe this leads to the important questions which need to be asked, like: Are we all aware and conscious what tools we have when working with the BodyTalk System and the Life Sciences? What is the core message or concept of "Consciousness-based Health Care"? What is your personal understanding and experience? It would definitely be very helpful and supportive, if you could share this understanding and experience with the rest of the IBA matrix in the members' forums. 
This prompts me to remind ourselves as to "what" is really happening or is being done in BodyTalk sessions. In the courses, Instructors are basically teaching what is in the curriculum, but it is important to remember that there are different sources of information BodyTalk practitioners can utilize. However, at the end of it all, one must remember nothing beats personal experience and working on oneself (unlearning). 
(Self-) Honesty is a fundamental quality for any practitioner making us aware of these important questions: Have we been able to transfer the information (knowledge) from a mind brain level to wisdom on a heart brain level? Are we walking our talk? We have to remember that all we have "to do" as BodyTalk Practitioners is to "be present", so the formula can show itself to be unveiled, in order for the inner self regulation processes of the client to function in a more optimal way. 
Humbleness is another quality for any practitioner and we must question ourselves: So how are we describing the BodyTalk Sessions to the clients and patients? What kind of words do we use? What kind of energy is really behind these words? Are we really the Doer or the Observer? Are we really working from an ego perspective or holistically with humility and respect for the unfolding process of consciousness? etc. 
At this stage, I would like to emphasise that the countdown for the conference is on and I encourage all members to take action on it. Remember that at the end of it all, the conference is the showcase and the platform of BodyTalk and the IBA worldwide.
I am looking forward to reconnecting with you in the near future and hopefully meeting you in person in Malta!
Claudia Schembri-Heitmann 

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