The Sense of Sight

Jun 07, 2013

By Cherie Carpenter

Part 1 of 5 - Our Wonderful Totally Amazing Body
By Cherie Carpenter, CLSC, RM, AdvCBP, BAT, CBI     

The Sense of Sight

Our body is with us throughout our entire lifetime. It helps us experience ourselves and the world around us. The body shows us the levels of our experience thru our 5 physical and subtle senses yet represent the starting point of our boundless and unlimited potential. 

Whatever type of body an individual has, the core essential for a fully functioning body is health. While we cannot naturally change the necessary structure of our body, what we can do is strive for vitality - physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.   
Our eyes are truly wondrous miracles of seeing - creating...
The eye is operated by six delicate but strong muscles that perform over 100,000 movements to give you sight. They as well relate to where we carry stress in our physical body. The iris, retina, and optic nerves gather and organize information that is sent to the brain at over 155 miles per hour. They come in pairs and in many beautiful colors and thousands colourful deep and penetrating hues.

As amazing as this is, our perception is not entirely physical. Indeed, it is believed by many eye experts, that perception is at least 99% mental. Wow!
The first law of perception is you see what you want to see. Your eyes do the seeing, but it is your mind that decides what you focus on. In other words, you see what your mind is looking for. 
We never see the world; we see your thoughts! This realization alone is a great key to personal alchemy and success. That's something to ponder.
Perception is projection.
Approximately 80% of people in the world don't even know what they look like!  When we look at ourselves in a mirror, we are anything but objective. We are encouraged to look our body from the beliefs of others around us. Size, shape, color all bring our personal ideals to our internal awareness.
So as we see the beauty around us - remember we are as well seeing the beauty within. 
Beauty evokes elegance and dignity.     
Radiance belongs to being considered precisely as beautiful; it is, in being, that which catches the eye, or the ear, or the mind and makes us want to perceive it again.... Etienne Gilson
Cherie Carpenter, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Access Trainer and BodyTalk Fundamentals Instructor has a success BodyTalk Practice in Barrie and Orillia. She teaches BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk Fundamentals and Integrative in Ontario.   1-877-884-1767

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