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Oct 10, 2013

By Tim Hall

Tim Hall www.

Disease is considered to be an abnormal or pathological condition that is characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms. Health is considered to be normal functioning in the absence of disease and to be symptom free. There would be no identifiable signs that the physiology is not functioning normally. Perfect health would seem to be the condition whereby the physiology were forever free from disease causing influences and the expression of their symptoms. Sounds good right? To be forever free of symptoms? That does not sound good to me and here is why.
When a person can't perform certain physical feats, they may take to exercise to strengthen their muscles and coordination, etc. Post-workout soreness and fatigue are signs that the body will become stronger. This process is well known and understood. No one goes to the clinic the next day confused about their muscle aches afraid that they are dying of a mysterious and sudden disease. Not only is there no confusion about that, but the symptom of soreness is considered normal and desirable and it indicates that a good workout has occurred.

This presents no issues because we understand that it is a process to go through and that it results in increased fitness. When this understanding is absent, then the symptoms are misunderstood and the cause is sought out in order to become free of its influence. This earthly human life is considered a lesson world where we are here to become spiritually fit, gain wisdom, culture love, embrace compassion and develop an attitude of gratitude.  Symptoms are either fought because we fight ourselves (hatred), or they are embraced as a lesson for gaining self-love just as a strenuous work out is embraced as being especially strengthening.  Every opportunity in any form, be it health or disease, or blessing or curse, is a chance to see the perfection where the seeming imperfection seems to be.  'Life is unfolding as it should' is a consciousness, not just an excuse for apathy.

When the personal trainer tells you to do two more squats it isn't because she hates you and wants to make you miserable and give you lactic acidosis disease.  The trainer knows she is there to guide the person through a difficult time and provide the necessary explanations of the process so that it is not only embraced, but enjoyed.
When perfect health is defined as the absence of symptoms, it would be a life lived in isolation and lived in fear of coming into contact with something that could influence us in a way that we do not like. This is like saying that physical fitness is defined as the absence of any activity that challenges the body's strength so as to not expose a weakness.  If unrefined perfect health could be processed and perfected, then it could be maintained in an unlimited and optimal way.  It is a pitiful definition of 'perfect' when perfection must be flawless.  Perfectedness is when no amount or degree of flaws can diminish the perfection.
When the physiology is allowed to undergo its own process of refinement with grace and dignity (instead of complaints and hatred), then perfection is occurring and we are on our way towards being perfected. Perfected health is that state which allows for perfect health while in the presence of so-called symptoms, not just in their absence.  It is a process of perfection whereby the state of health becomes perfected.  This becomes the normal state of being. Even when so-called symptoms arise, they are understood to be part of the physiology's normal functioning.  "Exercise me!" it says.  It is here that disease ceases to be experienced as before, because there are no signs that the physiology is functioning abnormally.
With regular PaRama BodyTalk sessions, these principles become a common reality. With experience and understanding and a little bit of faith, this truth becomes self-evident. As with exercise, when a certain proficiency is accomplished you can up your game and take on more complex challenges. Health that is only gained by eliminating symptoms is at a low level of consciousness and it is difficult to obtain anyways. In as much as it is your position that determines your condition, it is your consciousness that determines your health. Finding Health with the applied consciousness of the PaRama BodyTalk System is perfect for facilitating such shifts.  Consciousness is all, so why not start there.  
For further shifts, check out the search page to find a practitioner near you.  
Charles F. Lutes – "It is meant that we should all reach perfection and complete our portraits. Yet, the end result does not include producing the same identical pattern. We must all be perfect. We must all develop in an all-around manner, yet we must also be unique. No two individualities are ever meant to be exactly the same. How this is done is one of life's greatest mysteries which we cannot hope to solve until we are perfected."    

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