BodyTalk in the Canadian Rockies

Aug 29, 2014

By by Dr. Jennifer Harrison

On July 14, 2014, fellow BodyTalker Nicoel Boschman and I set out to Kananaskis Country, about an hour west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  This is a large park system in the Canadian Rockies that has many hiking trails, lakes, picnic and day areas as well as a large hotel. However, it turned out that most of the hiking trails and day areas either had bear warnings or were closed due to bear activity. So, we decided to go to the large hotel.  They have a lovely area behind the lodge with a beautiful water feature and a couple of benches.  After Nicoel and I explored a little bit and enjoyed our lunch, we made our way to the benches and proceeded to give and receive BodyTalk sessions.  I'm not sure what some of the hotel guests who walked past thought but it didn't seem to matter.  It was so peaceful being in the presence of the mountains, feeling the warmth of the summer sun and hearing the birds sing.  We even had a dragonfly hovering around during our BodyTalk sessions who then disappeared once we were done! It was a lovely way to provide caring and nurturing to one another while also receiving nurturing from being in nature. 

I said to Nicoel that when I tune into the natural consciousness of the mountains I get the sense that they think it's hilarious that we humans give them names (often egotistically after the person who "discovered" them) because they already know each other and have been connected for millennia. 

One of the great things about BodyTalk is its portability.  It can be done in a clinic in professional setting, at home or, in our case, in the Canadian Rockies on a warm summer day! 

by Dr. Jennifer Harrison, BodyTalk Access Trainer, 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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