My MindScape Experiences

Sep 11, 2014

By Rachel Fallon

In March this year, I took the MindScape class with Kristy Kenny in Nenagh, Ireland.  I am writing this article to share my experiences with you, so here I go .... Well currently I am a school student, age 14 years, and  going into 3rd year (junior certificate) which is my exam year.  In May just gone, I had 3 days of tests on my last week of 2nd year.  I had 3 tests each day.  It was hard work but, with MindScape as my own special tool, I passed them with flying colors!!! On the Wednesday of the last week, I had Home Economics, History, and Maths exams. While I was doing the Maths exam, I couldn't remember how to figure out one of the sums on the paper, and these tests are very important because I am in higher level, so I tuned into MindScape and I remembered that we had actually done that sum in class a couple of weeks before the exam.  So what did I do?  I tuned back to that day and remembered how to do the whole sum, and I know it was completely right because it was a verify the value question, so when I completed the sum I got the exact same answer as the one I had to verify!  So that was my first exciting experience with MindScape.

My second experience with MindScape was on the Thursday morning of the exams. That morning, I was actually surprisingly ready early for school, so it popped into my head to study Geography but I didn't really know what to study because I thought I had covered everything in my study on the previous weekend.  But 'Brown Earth Soils' popped into my head which I didn't study, and my teacher didn't say it was on the test.   I studied it anyway.  I learned how to draw the soil profiles of Brown Soils, and I learned about it in detail. I was in the car and I read it aloud to Mammy. When I got to school,  I went into the exam hall where the exams were being held.  Geography was my first test. When I started the exam, I did the short questions and then I proceeded to the long questions, and guess what?! The first long question was 'Write about Brown Earth Soils in detail and draw a detailed diagram.'  I was relieved that I knew it all because of MindScape.

I do MindScape every night, and I find that my awareness is getting better and it relaxes me!

It's thanks to Kristy Kenny,  a wonderful teacher, who taught a wonderful class. I can't wait for the end of August when I'll be doing Advanced MindScape with Kris Attard, and bring on more great experiences with MindScape!!!  I'm ready!!  Also thank you to my Mammy, Martina Fallon, who coordinated the MindScape course here in Ireland for Kristy, which made it easier for me to even take part!

I hope to have lots of other exciting experiences with MindScape in the future and I'm confident for my Junior Certificate!!  .... at  the moment anyway!!

By Rachel Fallon

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