Does Your Bio Picture Match You?

Dec 05, 2014

By Lasha Watson

Our bio pictures are a KEY part of our Businesses, and our Bio pages.
Do you have a bio picture? If not this is a Must Do for YOU!
Did you know that most people who are looking for a practitioner will choose one who has a
Bio picture over one who doesn't? It is a fact that when people are reading your bio pages,
they will want to see a picture to match your story. 

1. Is your picture outdated?
I will never forget when my students started providing me with feedback saying, "You don't look anything like your picture." This experience has me continually checking in to ensure my picture is up to date with my current style. Is your picture an accurate expression of yourself? Have you had a lot of personal growth, and change since your last picture?

I remember being told once that you want to ensure your pictures are professional
looking, so I would also ensure I had them done professionally. I would always just
have a head shot as that is what professional meant to me. This last time I went to get
my pictures done, the photographer suggested we use an old building as a background
and try some new poses. When I reflected on them, I loved it! They had personality,
there was a full body expression of me. I invite you to think outside the box when
getting your Bio pictures to ensure the pictures will capture your personality and
essence of you.

2. Will people recognize you in a crowd based on your picture?
I love when I hear people able to introduce themselves to me because they recognize
my from my photo. I didn't realize this until I was at conference one year, and
someone had come up and introduced themselves to me. They said they recognized
me from my picture from an article I had written. If someone recognizes you, it makes
them feel more apt to approach you and talk to you! They feel as though they already
know you on some level.

3. Eyes to the soul
They say your eyes are a window to your Soul. It can sometimes be a scary thing for
someone to come to their first BodyTalk appointment. Being able to see you as a
Practitioner ahead of time, will help a client to literally "feel" if you are the right
Practitioner for them! Your picture is like your introduction of yourself to the world,
what is your first impression saying? Does it capture your personality?!

1. Introduce yourself to the world: This is a sign you are open for business, and
open to receiving clients, students, life!
2. Capture your Personality: have fun during your photo shoot try different poses,
angles, back drops. The fun energy will shine through your picture. Allow your
personality to shine through your body expression.
3. Use your Photo: Ensure you have your photo on your IBA bio page, also add it to
your signature on your e-mail, business cards, Facebook, etc.
4. Keep them Updated: Even if you have a current bio picture I invite you to
revisit it, ask your self, is this an accurate representation of you? Have you
grown a lot since that picture?
5. Eyes are the seat of the soul: Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable



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