The Marriage of Life Sciences and BodyTalk

Jul 02, 2015

By Miranda Jamieson

Feeling nourished and comforted on a daily basis is so important to me. I see how my two-year-old son reaches out to me to be comforted all day long. It's either through touch, eye contact, hearing my voice, being fed, or just by being in close proximity. Since having a child, I have become more aware of how and where I seek my own nourishment. Obviously, I find some from my family, but there is always another part of me that feels separate despite my family's love. That part of me has found nourishment and comfort in the life-sustaining energy of the Life Science courses. These courses initiated and support a deepening sense of compassion for all that is human in myself and others. They've also triggered a never-ending search for what is non-self and non-essential.


Most of us have probably heard the saying that "behind every great man is a greater woman." This is how I see the beautiful connection between the Life Sciences and the work I do with BodyTalk. Without the stabilizing, harmonizing support that the woman provides at home, the man would not accomplish the magnificent things he does out in the world. The masculine gets all the recognition, but it is the silent, unnamed feminine in the background who keeps him flourishing. Without her, he would collapse. The husband and wife union is sacred and to divorce them would significantly diminish both.


I took my first Fundamentals class in 2007. Within a couple months, I found myself in a BreakThrough class. It was inspiring and unnerving. I started to see how nearly every interaction with my outer and inner worlds was shaped by over-reactive, close-minded defensiveness. And here I thought I was so open-minded and spiritual. I could see how far away I was from living a truly authentic life. It made me desperate to resolve it. I knew that even if I didn't practice BodyTalk as a modality for the rest of my life that my head was never coming out of the tiger's mouth that was BreakThrough consciousness. To this day, my search for authenticity has just led me to more BreakThrough, more BodyTalk, and more MindScape and FreeFall.


Unlike my initial draw to BreakThrough, I was never eager or overly interested in taking FreeFall. I was always comfortable in my own body, went to nude beaches sometimes, and walked around the house nude. I thought the work probably didn't pertain to me so much. Finally, because both FreeFall 1 and FreeFall 2 were being offered back-to-back at a beautiful location in Canada, I spontaneously decided to go. I didn't expect to get much out of it.


There was a magic that occurred in those classes that cannot be attributed to anything that anyone said or did in the duration. It was perhaps the only time in my life that I deeply (I mean profoundly deeply) felt and connected to the utter humanness of myself and to everyone around me. I still don't fully understand how or why that happened. I felt more tenderness, empathy and love than ever before. The trivial thoughts, assumptions and harmless judgments that we make and are barely conscious of (even in a regular BodyTalk class) were astoundingly absent. It was like a room of one-year-olds being together. We felt innocent, free, unconcerned, spontaneous, and authentic.


This type of experience brought about profound changes in the physical and emotional holdings in people's bodies. The BodyTalk dynamics we saw at play were amazing. "Principles of Consciousness" pathologies and "Biodynamics" emotions released from participants right before our eyes. Body vivaxis occurred spontaneously and unassisted. Every one of us in the class was shifting and changing as a result of simply being authentic for a couple of days. During one of my exercises, I could see and feel the energy of responsibility release from my shoulders. I had "understood" and even seen it in many a BodyTalk session before, but now I experienced it in a profound way that forever altered and deepened my understanding of BodyTalk. I also connected to what it means to be human in such a deep way that my BodyTalk sessions with clients shifted drastically afterwards. This was a powerful benefit I did not expect.


My sister's experience with BreakThrough and FreeFall was also profound. It is a lovely story of synchronicity. My sister's self-esteem was lower than average. Her weight fluctuated by about 30 pounds. She was either very thin, or when she gained even a minor 30 pounds she looked chubby and puffy. She hated her legs more than any other body part and her relationships always involved resentment and jealousy. BreakThrough was powerful for her in that she saw how much she judged and compared herself to other people and to her own impossible ideals. FreeFall was then the huge cathartic release that she needed to unburden her whole story. My sister's perspective on herself shifted drastically after FreeFall. She was more compassionate towards herself and softer in her interactions with everyone. For the first time since puberty, she felt contentment. Within a couple months of taking the class, she arrived at her ideal weight, which hasn't fluctuated in the last five years regardless of how she eats or exercises. She also met the man she will be marrying soon, a man she has never experienced feelings of jealousy with, and a man whose favorite body part on women, especially on my sister, is her legs. 


I have taken other personal growth courses, read many books on the subject, watched countless videos, and have basically turned the pursuit of wisdom into a lifelong occupation. Nothing else, however, has prompted me into seeing my very deepest wounds around separateness so directly and honestly. As we know from BodyTalk, awareness of the "misperception" is all that is required to set healing in motion. I can see in retrospect how my dismissal of FreeFall was simply because I wasn't yet ready for work that would take me to unexpectedly profound experiences of compassion and understanding for myself and fellow man. The wound of separation runs painful and deep, and we will avoid it at all costs, with all types of reasonable explanations, until we are ready to face it.


I don't think it is possible to take any of the Life Science classes and not see that they indeed are the beginning, middle and end of all that is BodyTalk. They are there in the opening pages of the Fundamentals manual right through to every concept at the PaRama level. Unless a person has taken BreakThrough and FreeFall, they cannot truly speak to their level of importance, especially as compared with other personal awareness classes. Having taken many courses with both John and Esther, it is my understanding, and my experience, that the work of BodyTalk is so very effective because it has the powerful truths and awareness embodied by the Life Science courses as its foundation.


A BodyTalk session, for me, always unfolds like a piece of art. The paint and the painting technique are BodyTalk protocol and procedure, but the masterpiece itself is a beautiful swirl of BreakThrough, FreeFall and MindScape energies. The goal of BodyTalk, as I hope we all know, has never been to alleviate symptoms. It is to heal the split mind and our deep wound of separateness. The Life Science courses facilitate this healing in us so that we can assist our clients more deeply. The Life Sciences bring us, and therefore our clients, into increasing alignment with our authentic selves. Healing of symptoms is just a side effect, albeit a powerful one. 


The work of these courses enlightens my day-to-day life as much as it does my sessions. They feed the spark within, fanning it into the flame. The way I see it, BodyTalk and Life Sciences have to, and always will be, together forever. 

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