Seeing is Believing: A BodyTalk Case Study

Nov 06, 2015

By Sally Kingsley

I originally discovered BodyTalk while researching CranioSacral Therapy.  I went to see a physiotherapist who was practising this therapy and exploring other healing modalities. I wanted to experience CranioSacral Therapy before joining a course with the Upledger Institute. The physiotherapist told me about BodyTalk and suggested that I ring the co-ordinator of an upcoming BodyTalk course. The result was, in July 2001, I attended the first course in the UK. During the five days, that was then "Modules 1 & 2" and is now "BodyTalk Fundamentals", there was a feeling of lightness and a consciousness of the body mind complex using the links. When the co-ordinator rang me subsequently to ask if I intended to take the exam, I found myself saying "Yes".

A client came for BodyTalk suffering from glaucoma, she had been told by her doctor that there was damage to the optic nerve of the left eye, and that the eye could not be repaired. However she was prescribed drops that would stop further deterioration.

She first came to see me in March 2012 and we worked together until August 2014 before she returned to France. She had 24 sessions over this period, some relating directly to the glaucoma, and sometimes working on other priorities. She was a dedicated client and enjoyed tapping out her cortices every day and she also attended the BodyTalk Access course.

We worked with the cellular repair technique directly referring to glaucoma, there were also links to the liver, belief systems and active memories around pressure, consciousness work around the process of seeing and links to the occipital area of the cortices. Sometimes we worked with the eye as an Agenda and there were links to stem cells, optic nerve repair, and lymph repair and Parama formulae.

After I had completed the BodyEcology course on line, the husband of the client had an appointment. The first thing we had to do was use him as a surrogate for his wife, so that we could balance the microbiome of her left eye.  

The client returned to France at the beginning of 2015 and underwent another eye test - the Doctor could not believe the results on the chart, which clearly showed an improved field of vision. The Doctor asked her what she had been doing and the client said "BodyTalk".  

This case study is a wonderful example of how BodyTalk facilitated and supported the body to heal itself. Many modules came together to reveal the possibilities of regeneration and the falling away of conditioning. It was a joy to do this work.  

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