I Had a Dream Part 2

Aug 19, 2016

By John and Esther Veltheim

This is a sequel to my last Newsletter article, I Had a Dream, which was an introduction to the first half of my new course, BodyTalk: The Soul's Journey, Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains. To read that article first, please click here.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
--Joseph Campbell

Now I would like to give you an overview of the key principles I teach in the second half of my new course, BodyTalk: The Soul's Journey, Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains. I will begin with the first key principle of focus.
The Principle of Vibration
Central to all mystical teachings is the concept of vibration. In the latter half of the course, we delve into the vast array of vibrational matrices that can impact on our human experience in insidious, persistent and detrimental ways.  Whether innate's priority is a vibrational matrix that you call a computer, a ghost, ancestral energy, a poltergeist, an archetype or a weather configuration, the new protocol is designed to address its vibrational impact on the body very specifically and effectively.
As explained in our previous article (click here), my lifelong dream has been to evolve a system that could catalyze exponential healing. This dream is now being realized in my Soul's Journey class. Post-treatment with the new soul and 3 brains protocol, the body's own innate wisdom and impulse to heal can take up where the practitioner's work leaves off, catalyzing exponential healing. According to its nature, innate will continue honoring the body's priorities. The healing process will still take its own particular form and expression and it will be in direct alignment with the soul's imperative.
As we live in the era of mechanization, one might imagine that our systems have far more harmful vibrations to contend with than did the ancient mystics. Nevertheless, the one factor all human beings have always had in common is that our systems are constantly adjusting and readjusting, vibrationally, to both our immediate environment and to life in general. This is why our BodyTalk protocols and techniques are so effective, because they are all designed to support and enhance the vibrational adjustments occurring all the time within our psychophysical systems.
Using the new soul and 3 brains techniques, one difference you will experience is that of a marked improvement in the brain's adaptive resonance or neurological adaptability. This is due to the fact that the benefits of the new techniques persist exponentially. In terms of the soul's journey, no matter the life circumstances, your outlook and perspective on life will undergo significant, healthy changes. These benefits will be the same for any clients you treat.
Even the most insensitive among us has experienced feeling uplifted in the presence of certain music, colors, fragrances, or a person, even if we don't think specifically in terms of vibrations. Conversely, none of us are impervious to the vibrations of a pneumatic drill which is neither soothing nor uplifting to our systems. To some degree or another, we are all sensitive to the fact that we live in a world of vibrational resonance.
The Principle of Vibration, as described in the Hermetic teachings, holds that everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. These vibrations range from the lowest most tamasic up to the most sattvic, which are so high they are almost at rest.
As you know, our own physical body is a constantly vibrating system. Whether we are very conscious of this fact or not, we are intuitively both drawn and repelled by different vibrations, depending on our body's needs at the time. Sometimes we are conscious of a specific environmental factor affecting us, and at other times, we are oblivious until it is too late and the disruption has already occurred.
Very simplistically speaking, the universe, being both infinitely large and infinitely small, might be called a vibrational continuum. That is to say, there is no real disconnect between the vibrations of our body and all other vibrations. This means that although the dynamics of our immediate environment appear to have the strongest impact on our systems, this is not always the case. That is why our BodyTalk protocols are so vital; they not only honor the body's own wisdom and priorities, they also help us to ascertain what those priorities are.
Mental Transmutation
The second principle of focus in BodyTalk: The Soul's Journey, Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains is the Principle of Mental Transmutation. The word transmutation harkens back to the Hermetic, alchemical art of transmuting minerals and elements; for example, lead into gold. Mental Transmutation describes the art and science of raising the vibration of the mind to a state of mental equanimity and clarity.
Mental Transmutation and the head brain:
In all mystical and spiritual traditions, various meditation and focusing techniques are used to clarify and steady the mind. While the mind is involved and mired in thought, its inner tension translates into a distorted experience of the self in relation to the world. The concept that the only conflict that exists is within our own mind is not something to which we relate. Our understanding of conflict is that there is a "me" and an "out there." Our sanity depends on finding a way of maintaining harmony between the two. As long as we function primarily from the head brain, the mind remains externalized. While our mind is fixated on the need to control, true Mental Transmutation is impossible. This does not mean that we will not be drawn to the idea of it, but chances are we will misinterpret Mental Transmutation to mean mind control. This misconception will dictate the types of discipline to which we are drawn.
The trouble is that as soon as any of us read the word mental, we tend to think of the brain in the head. We have been conditioned to give the word mental this connotation. Even the beautiful brain scan images we see of people in deep meditation exacerbate the misconception that to transform our human experience, the head brain is where our focus needs to be.
In my new course, I not only address the 3 brain complex in-depth, but you will also begin to experience it functioning within your own body. This experience will put into perspective, if not dispel, any connotations you currently hold that mental signifies only the head brain. In other words, as you start to absorb these new teachings, you will already be experiencing healthy Mental Transmutation.
Our intuition is a powerful indicator that time and space are relative when it comes to vibrational influences and that there is no real disconnect or separation between human beings. When it comes to people we have a close emotional bond with, most of us have experienced the phenomenon of going to call a friend on the other side of the planet while they are simultaneously trying to call us. When this coincidence happens repeatedly, it is a clear indication that our experience of separation might well benefit from examination. Some of us have even felt the impact of an earthquake or series of tornadoes or the death of a loved one on another continent long before our experience is confirmed. These are phenomena our head brain cannot understand. Our intuition and nervous systems, on the other hand, give us constant subtle and not-so-subtle indications that, in reality, the experience of separation is illusory. Of course, it follows that if separation is illusory, duality itself is an illusion. These are mind-blowing ideas to someone who functions primarily from the head brain. They are concepts the head brain simply cannot entertain except in a very superficial way.
Numerous mystical and spiritual practices seek to dispel the so-called veil of illusion that hides the Truth from us. These practices are all forms of Mental Transmutation, but their focus varies, depending on the health or otherwise of the 3 brain complex of the practitioner.
When the head brain dominates, certain Mental Transmutation exercises have as their goal the attainment of a state of Oneness with everything. Unwittingly, the aspirant's efforts only serve to emphasize the assumption that separation is real and can be willfully transcended by individual effort and willpower. Other practices of Mental Transmutation use mental focusing techniques which seek to superimpose positive thoughts upon negative ones. Similarly, these exercises serve to strengthen the belief that some thoughts are better than others. Such practices simply exacerbate the head brain's inner divisiveness, for as long as the aspirant is convinced that certain thoughts are valuable, all thoughts will keep them captivated.
To an aspirant functioning from the head brain, these types of practices make the most sense. While the head brain is dissociated from the heart and gut brains, we can only think in terms of attaining, losing, or in irreconcilable pairs of opposites. Ironically, while the head brain dictates, we simultaneously engage in trying to control the mind while looking to the very same unsteady mind for answers.
Mental Transmutation and the head brain/heart brain complex:
The power of HeartMath practices and principles as well as those of BodyTalk, particularly in this new course, is that they catalyze healthy functioning of the heart brain. When this happens, the head brain's dogma and black-and-white thinking give way to questioning and reassessing our relationship to self and life. We look less to the unsteady head brain and are able to draw on the light of the Mediator heart brain. The heart brain has the power to shed light on the head brain's most coveted truths, urging us to question them. At this stage in the soul's journey, a person may reap great benefits from teachings that support this shift in perspective and assist in further deconstruction of mental rigidities and defensiveness. This is why the IBA's LifeSciences are such an important part of our curriculum.
When the heart brain is functioning healthily, practices of Mental Transmutation naturally include the heart center. The experience and input of the heart brain help weaken the head brain's defensiveness. Different forms of self-reflection become possible, and orientation toward spiritual goals may diminish, especially if the aspirant receives the appropriate support and guidance.
In rare instances, in the presence of the right teacher, even an aspirant whose head brain dominates may experience activation of the heart brain. If a disciple who has such an experience with their guru does not remain in a supportive environment, this experience might afford them just a glimpse. Sustaining the healthy functioning of the heart brain might just not be possible unless they remain in the presence of their teacher. My sense now is that if such a disciple were to receive the benefits of the new soul and 3 brains technique, it may well enable this initial inner transformation to deepen exponentially. In other words, the new material in this course is something I see as a very powerful adjunct to any spiritual practice.
Mental Transmutation and the 3 Brain Complex
It is only once the 3 brains start functioning as a healthy, unified complex that deep ontological investigation can really get underway. At this stage, the question "Who am I?" may well become a truly pressing imperative. In other words, and to better understand the value of my new course, a healthy 3 brain complex is vital in terms of the soul's conscious, spiritual journey.
Until the soul and 3 brains work in unison, it is almost impossible for the intellect to contemplate the idea that it has no real understanding of who we are. The head brain is certainly incapable of contemplating, let alone attempting its own deconstruction. This makes the effectiveness of self-inquiry and deductive reasoning a practice that is either highly challenging to the head brain or totally lost on it. Conversely, it is possible that under the guidance of a good teacher, the practice of inquiry can catalyze sufficient Mental Transmutation that the 3 brain complex will be catalyzed into healthy functioning. This would be a rare occurrence as, no matter how good the teacher, the mental defensiveness of someone whose head brain dominates is very hard to shift. This is where the 3 brains techniques and protocol are quite revolutionary in their ability to catalyze these otherwise rare shifts in consciousness.
When the 3-brain complex is healthy and the head, heart and gut brains work in unison, self-inquiry starts making sense and offers a practical, intuitive, logical and beneficial means of Mental Transmutation. (Note: The IBA's BreakThrough System is specifically designed to assist in this process, click here for more on BreakThrough).
From a health standpoint, all mental focusing techniques have the potential of providing beneficial results. Heart rate, brain waves and cortisol levels improve and a person's ability to deal with stress can be greatly enhanced (click here for more on Mindscape). Conversely, without a healthy 3 brain complex, mental focusing techniques of any kind can, over time, incur systemic imbalance. This is seen, for example, in dedicated meditators whose primary focusing techniques involve the pituitary gland or third eye. Over time, this practice can result in chronic under-functioning of the enteric brain and related systems.
Of all the various meditation systems available to us, Kundalini Yoga is possibly one of the most comprehensive in terms of addressing the 3 brain complex. In that system, very specific attention is given to the health of the enteric brain. Thanks to Yogi Bhajan's in-depth study of the mind, Kundalini Yoga provides a vast and complex collection of meditations and kriyas, and series of postures, breath and sound, designed specifically to increase the health of the 3 brain complex. This is not to say that all teachers of Kundalini Yoga impart an intellectual understanding of the 3 brains to their students.
The educator/practitioner and the Soul and 3 Brains:
In my new class, I dedicate significant time to interactive discussions and examination of the soul and 3 brains. I do this, first and foremost, so that the students themselves have a clear conceptual, as well as intuitive, understanding of the principles involved, before they experience a treatment within their own body. The simple act of clearly disseminating these teachings about the soul and the 3 brain complex has, in and of itself, the effect of bringing about significant Mental Transmutation.
In the case of all BodyTalk techniques and, perhaps, most especially those involving the soul and 3 brains, the practitioner and the techniques themselves will be limited unless the practitioner has both an intellectual and an experiential knowledge of them. Only when these two components are present will you, as a practitioner, be able to serve as an effective educator of your clients.
Your ability to educate clients from a place of personal experience and understanding is what makes the difference between a technician and an excellent practitioner. A technician simply utilizes the techniques they have been taught. An excellent practitioner embodies the principles underpinning those techniques and educates from a place of experiential as well as sound practical knowledge of those principles.
Thus far, I have mentioned two key terms, the Principle of Vibration and the Principle of Mental Transmutation. As already explained, Mental Transmutation is the practical process of working with the Principle of Vibration--the focus being to clarify, steady, and bring about mental equanimity.
In a multitude of ways, we live in an era where our collective focus is still very much head brain oriented. To date, very little has been discovered in terms of a means of exponentially shifting this patriarchal, head brain orientation. This means that, essentially, you will be pioneering once you learn these new BodyTalk techniques. Experience of this new class and the soul and 3 brains techniques will transform your inner work, its orientation and its unfolding. In addition, as your own soul's journey deepens, this experience will, quite naturally, be reflected in your role, serving as practitioner and educator for your clients.

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