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2008 IBA Members Survey

We need your help! For the second consecutive year, the IBA is launching an online Members Survey. The purpose of the survey is to solicit confidential opinions and feedback from our members on their overall satisfaction with their IBA Membership. Your feedback is critical in helping our management team fully understand your needs as members and create programs and services to serve you better.

Last year we had a very large response to the survey and plan to analyze and compare results this year to determine which areas we have improved upon and which areas need further study.

All responses are held in the strictest of confidentiality. Your responses will not be shared on an individual basis, but will be grouped with other members. Members in English-speaking countries will be receiving a link to the survey through a separate email which should already be on its way to you. Please respond by October 17, 2008. We will be translating the survey into a few additional languages within a few weeks.

If you have any questions about the 2008 survey, please contact Joseph Grano, josephgrano@next-mark.com. Thank you very much for your help.

BodyTalk Access at Comunidade Rural - Casa do Caminho - Xerem

An Access course was given by our Brazilian Instructor Elisabeth A.C. Justo, on Sept´19, 2008 at the Orphanage “Comunidade Rural – Casa do Caminho – Xerem”, in a rural area nearby Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It had 8 participants including teachers, a psychologist, therapists (one was a CBP) and volunteers who work for the Institution.

The Orphanage comprises three different houses: a rural one for 4 to 12 year-old children (there were 19 of them); Casa Amiga – a house for 12 to 18 year-old girls (there are 12); and another one, Heppenheim, for 12 to 18 year-old boys (with 6 adolescents now).

Twelve volunteers from Brazil, Europe and USA work in the 3 houses. The kids are cared for (room and board), attend public schools and get all the necessary support from the educators, volunteers and directors of the Orphanage.

The Institution was founded 25 years ago. Projects and social works are developed there and it is run by donations and contributions.
contacts: casadocaminhoxerem@gmail.com
site: www.casadocaminhobrasil.org

Beijos, Beth Justo, BAT, CBP

Lecture and Book Signing with Dr. John Veltheim, Arlington Dallas/FortWorth area, Texas

Exclusive Lecture and Book Signing with Dr. John Veltheim, co-founder of the BodyTalk System Wednesday, October 15 in Arlington (Dallas/Ft.Worth area), TX. This event is free and open to the public.

Details: Wednesday, October 15th, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Arlington
700 East. Avenue H
Arlington, TX, 76001
Phone 817-394-5000(contact hotel for directions)

No Registration Necessary for this event

Local Contact: Todd and Angela Adkins CBI 972-255-3600 dallasbodytalk@prodigy.net

To download a flyer on this event and to help promote this lecture, click on this link

30 Day Cortices Challenge.

Last week I sat in on an Animal Talk Access class. To watch cortices being tapped out on one horse and to see every horse in the arena clearly demonstrate they were each processing, just from witnessing the one “session” was an experience I will never forget.

J.V. has expressed how important it is for everyone to learn and do cortices daily. Picking up on an idea from the Mindscape forum, here is a 30 day challenge we can all participate in:

Tap out your cortices every day for the next 30 days!

Then, share with us any changes you notice not only in yourself, but in those around you as well.

Report your findings on the forum posting, 30 Day Challenge in the Members General forum.

David Huff, CBP

A Home

By Tim Hall, CBP

In today’s age of instant information, there are thousands of modalities and teachings to increase health, wealth, relationships or any specific aspect of life. That there are new healing techniques popping up daily should not be a surprise.

The vast majority of healing modalities target specific issues of concern. Each has its specialty for achieving specific results and since each area of health is intertwined with other areas of life, it cannot but help the overall quality of living.

This is like having many contractors who specialize in building a part of a house: plumber, electrician, painter, framers, etc. Each ‘heals’ some part of the house and the whole house benefits. Each subcontractor has a specialized job to do and some perform more reliable work than others.
As in any profession, including all areas of health care, it is important to find the right practitioner performing the appropriate work for the need being addressed.

There is however, a greater consideration than even that. The most effective specialists in the world, whether in the health care department, construction, will be able to provide a level of health or a quality built house. Building a house and achieving health are just the beginning.

The real factor that underlies all of this is that deep persistent question within us all – "Am I living to my full potential? Could there be more to life?”

It takes four walls and a roof to make a house, but what does it take to make a house, a home? A house is what is owned and cared for, but a home is what we live in. The health of our bodies is important and deserves much consideration and attention. However our health, bank account and relationships do not at all determine our ability to live openly and honestly with ourselves, which is the foundation of living fully.

An IBA practitioner is not necessarily a health care specialist any more than they would specialize as a plumber during construction. An IBA practitioner would be more like the general contractor who’s duty it is to make sure everything comes together to ensure that the home owner is happy with the final product.

Life is more than health and money. The “quality” of life is abstract and somewhat mysterious but we are all very aware of when it is lacking. The IBA has set up general areas of focus and they are the BodyTalk System, BodyTalk Access, BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall. Each has its only angle when viewing the whole picture.

Each modality results in increased health and wellness without that even being the goal. When you make a house a home, it is much easier to fix up the house as you see fit and enjoy the process that much more. It is the essential fundamental element of a truly holistic system – it works with the parts from the perspective of the whole. There will always be necessary health specialists such as surgery, trauma, medicine, and many more. The IBA modalities do not oppose nor even complement such methods nor are they alternatives to modern health care. The IBA focuses much deeper, to the level of fundamental well-being that allows all other areas of life to then flourish.

This is the critical element to all success in life – take care of your life’s priority, which is life itself.

Are you really living, or just getting by pretending that health determines life. Life determines health because health is an extension of life. Make that the priority!

We do not just think with our brain, we think with every single cell, rhythm and movement in the entire body-mind complex.

If your body is the temple in which you dwell, the question posed is this – “Have you made your house a home?”