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IBA Australasia News!

Chris & Cass and the IBA Australasian Office have relocated to the Gold Coast. We are loving the new space and feel rejuvenated and excited for the rest of 2008. The new mailing address is 8 Wingate Ct, Varsity Lakes, 4227. The business number will remain the same +61 7 3103 2853.

We are 8 weeks away from the inaugural South Pacific Member and Instructors Meeting, December 7-9, Greenmount Beach Resort. We have some fantastic presentations lined up from Dr John Veltheim, Dr Tracy Livingston, CBI, TBAT, Loesje Jacob, CBI, AnimalTalk Instructor, Hilary Carlile, CBP and more will be announced in the coming weeks. Please contact us if you have any idea’s or suggestions for the meeting. We would love to have your input. These meetings are a chance for the members of the IBA to come together, connect with our colleagues, strengthen our matrix and have some fun! It is also a great opportunity for you to tell us what you would like from the IBA.

Melissa Smith, CBI, is coordinating a Module 8a AnimalTalk Seminar for Loesje Jacob prior to the meetings, December 4-6. The details of this seminar are not currently ironed out but if you would like to express your interest in attending this class, please email Australasia@bodytalksystem.com or Melissa Smith directly, melissa@bodytalk.com.au. Dr John Veltheim will be teaching PaRama Unit 1 Practical post meetings December 10-13.

Come and join us for a few days on the beach at the beginning of December. We’d love to have you here!

Greenmount Beach Resort, is only a 10 minute drive from Coolangatta airport, or 1 hour shuttle from Brisbane International Airport. Discounted accommodation has been arranged for our participants at the resort but you are advised to book early, as the resort is already selling out fast. Please mention that you are part of the BodyTalk group when booking.

All room rates include a hot and cold buffet breakfast. Room rates are based on the amount of people sharing a room. There are 3 different room configurations, Standard, Superior and Family. Standard rooms have 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed. Superior Rooms have 1 queen bed and a pull out sofa. Family rooms have 1 queen and 2 singles. Room Rates are as follows, Single: $113 per night, Double: $131 per night, Triple: $163 per night, Quad: $195 per night.

To book your room, please contact the Greenmount Beach Resort +61 7 5536 1222

Still Time to Respond to the 2008 Members Survey

We have had a very strong response to the 2008 Member’s Survey so far this year. If you have not already done so, there still is time for you to take the survey. For those who have not participated, you will be receiving a separate email with a link to the online survey today.

All responses are held in the strictest of confidentiality. Your responses will not be shared on an individual basis, but will be grouped with other members. Please respond by October 17, 2008. We will be translating the survey into a few additional languages within a few weeks.

If you have any questions about the 2008 survey, please contact Joseph Grano, josephgrano@next-mark.com.

New MindScape Instructor- David Korchinski

It is my pleasure to announce yet another MindScape Instructor. This is David Korchinski from Calgary, Alberta, who has finished his training with me and has now been certified to teach MindScape.

David is a Parama BodyTalk Practitioner and an Access Trainer. He has taught in the corporate sector, and no doubt will be an asset for MindScape in that department, apart of course from standard MindScape seminars. The MindScape matrix now has seven instructors, and continues to grow not only in the number of instructors but also in the level of what we teach. Best wishes, Dave, for a satisfying teaching career.

Kris Attard, Senior MindScape Instructor

New CBI, Hong Kong, Angie Tourani

I am SO PLEASED to announce that Angie Tourani has graduated as a CBI, and now, after a gap of 6 years, there is – again, a CBI in Hong Kong.
I wish you Angie lots of fun as you teach BT in Hong Kong, India, and other countries.

It was GREAT training you and seeing you unfold and mature to who and where you are today.


Olivia Pinto, SrCBI


By Tim Hall

Stress is generally considered the number one cause of all diseases, problems and symptoms. It is common for a person to report that they are under stress or have a stress headache. The fact is that all symptoms are a result of, and significantly increased by, underlying stress. To prefix a symptom with the word stress (as in stress ulcer,) is redundant. Stress is that very deep subtle pressure that is constant and not easily experienced directly. Only the superficial results of stress, known as symptoms, are easily observable. From those observed symptoms, diagnoses are made and labels are given.

If there was no stress there would usually be no symptom and, thus, no disease or problem. This is because the superficial symptoms are the stress manifesting at a more observable level of the physiology, such as in an organ or some other tissue. To say that stress ‘causes’ symptoms is true and not true. Without stress you could have no symptom and thus stress is causal.
However, since the stress is the essence of the symptom, they are literally the same, and a thing cannot be its own cause.

Modern science, medicine, and even alternative health care are constantly seeking more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments for symptoms. It is an approach that does not address the subtle level of the underlying stress and a vicious cycle plays itself out.

There is hope however. A teaching that has echoed throughout the ages is that man was not born to suffer. The answer to all problems is that there are no problems. This approach may sound unbelievable but it is nonetheless the only true resolution to escaping the wheel of endless problems.
If stress now becomes the enemy to destroy or the new problem to solve, then we’d be dealing with it on the level of problems and that would not be valid. Having compassion and understanding for an enemy is the first step towards reconciliation. To understand the nature of our deep-seated stresses and simultaneously our daily symptoms, would transmute the very experience of them. From foe to friend, our stress would transform into our guiding inner self, and problems would genuinely be opportunities for growth and beneficial change.

Rather than attempt to maintain the status quo by destroying stress and waging war on our very own bodies with so-called health care, wouldn’t it be far more productive to seek a deep connection with our self and work towards dissolving problems through the simple approach of shifting our perspective? This is not merely a change of opinion but recognition of the truth of life and seeing our role in it, as it really is. This is not a path of cures, but of revelations. From overcoming illness to realizing that I have never been diseased.

Unless we accept that we are victims, the only perspective to work from is that we can only help ourselves, and that we only, and always, seek our best selfless interests. While ideal, it is practical to recognize the most effective approach.

How can I be difficult to myself? I am my self. This is my life and I want to live it from the knowledge that I Am, and problems are misconceptions and within themselves hold the very solution to the situation at hand.

Very few of the thousands of health care modalities and success-oriented teachings actually work at this essential level. While they all have their specific goals, specialties and benefits, what is most important is that priority is given to that which truly is important, which is the essence of life and the spur to unfold into our fullest potential.

From the side of disease, we misperceive that force as stress and symptoms.

From the side of right perception, we live it as opportunities, adventures and the river of dynamic change, while remaining still and strong within our own selves.

Stress no longer produces symptoms, but reward. It is a reward of epic proportion and no amount of health or success could supersede.

The synergistic quality that arises from a system that holds the tension of the opposites consciously (rather than fight against it), is that when under stress, it is able to express more of its true nature, and that is the reward without measure. The greatest threat is instantly realized to be (and to have always been), our greatest ally – and that is our own self, the inner stress, or pressure, that wills us to be more of what we already are, and from there, we unfold our full potential naturally, effortlessly, and with unspeakable gratitude.

Of the very few practices available, there are three primary (and somewhat overlapping) pathways. The mechanical approach of refining perception from the superficial to the deep (as in deep meditation), the psycho-physiological approach of optimizing the mind-body, and the devotional approach of culturing the feeling level, also known as the emotional pathway.

For more information about how you can jump start your life via a genuinely holistic and powerful mind-body approach to living life fully, ask about these course and services offered by the International BodyTalk Association (IBA): BodyTalk, Access, MindScape, BreakThrough and FreeFall. These are not complementary health care systems, nor even alternative, because they are not concerned with health care in that way. They are “essential systems for optimal wellbeing”, which is fundamental to health, wealth and happiness.

Trying to get rid of stress is stressful itself. A good start is half done, and BodyTalk might be that good start for you. The practitioner facilitates the client’s own process such that the perspective can shift and that inner drive for a fully present life can be revealed. It isn’t stress (as is commonly understood). It is Life! It is real and it is meant to be enjoyed in a way that may have never previously been experienced.