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BodyTalk Access introduced to the Life Orientation Curriculum at South African School

Wow! What a wonderful experience it has been to be able to teach BodyTalk Access to 40 teenage girls in grade 8-11 (aged 13 -17 years) as part of their Life Orientation Curriculum, at the Islamia College, in Cape Town, South Africa. The course was divided into 4 sessions over a 3 week period so that it could be predominantly taught during normal school hours and class times. Teaching the techniques to young, skeptical teenagers over so many sessions and over 3 weeks meant some re-engineering of the presentation format and provided scope for lots of creativity to ensure that the various concepts were learned in a fun, easy-to-understand and practical way.

Thank you to the deputy principal, Ms S Elloker, for her vision of introducing Access to the school to provide her learners with a medication free alternative to dealing with the stress, health and well being challenges of being a teenage girl, having low energy levels, forgetting work –especially at test and exam time, sleep difficulties, to name a few issues identified by the learners as to their reasons for participating in the Access course. Despite the skepticism, there were good levels of participation from this pioneering group of Islamia College learners.

Immediate feedback after the completion of the course included “I love it, it changed my life in certain ways”, “interesting, informative, easy and fun”, “I liked how it taught me to breathe properly and the benefits of drinking water”, “I enjoyed learning new techniques to help me cope with obstacles in my life”. Jackeline Planck, BodyTalk Access Technician, Practising Clinical Psychologist and Family Constellation Practitioner was a wonderful assistant during the sessions and we both look forward to many more hours of Access within the Islamia College, its communities of learner’s families, friends and their community social responsibility projects.

Thank you Dr John Veltheim, for the safe, portable and fun way of sharing the essential BodyTalk Access life skills with people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. We are proud to support the International BodyTalk Foundations 2020 vision of teaching at least one member in each family, around the world, the Access techniques.

Debbie Zacharias, Access Trainer and PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cape Town, South Africa.

PaRama Unit 1 Practical, Arlington Texas

The PaRama Unit 1 class, taught by Dr. Veltheim, was attended by 43 BodyTalk students from states such as Virginia, Oklahoma, Iowa, Washington, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas and New Hampshire. There were also two students from Brazil.

The cutting edge information received by the students included the latest developments in Energy Medicine as a whole and BodyTalk in particular; and gave each person the opportunity and tools to take their BodyTalk sessions to new levels.

The demonstration sessions facilitated by Dr. Veltheim were incredible and gave each person a glimpse of what is possible with BodyTalk.

Todd and Angela Adkins

Thanksgiving Holiday

The IBA Sarasota office and shipping department will be closed for three days (November 26, 27 & 28) for an inventory count, followed by the US Thanksgiving holiday. Coordinators and Instructors, please be aware of the fact that Tuesday, November 25th, will be the last product shipping date until Monday, December 1st. Plan you orders accordingly. Thank you

Health Care

A basic definition of health is – Absence from injury, damage, defect, disease & problems.

The unhealthy system would be defined by a set of observable symptoms. Symptoms are conditions that are considered not normal, not natural, or not desirable. Their presence is resisted and the fight against disease begins. From this platform of ‘what is health’, we begin to wage war on ourselves.

There is no aspect of life that is not in a constant state of change, whether human life, botanical, inanimate or cosmic. If it were not for change, there would be no growth of any kind, no new beginnings and no endings. Change is our indication that something is happening and we are part of it, and witness to it. Life itself is that state of non-change because it Is, regardless of, and inclusive of the fact that all aspects found in life, do change constantly.

The very existence of Life could not be lived without the perpetual births and deaths at every single moment. When we introduce the notion of symptoms, it can’t help but bring up resistance to change and that is anti-life. Surely we could all agree that growing into our full potential and being more true to ourselves would be a desirable change. But if so, what would be the indications of that?

To grow into what we already are, is both the most natural process and the most uncertain.

To face the uncertainty that what we currently know and experience could be false, dishonest and selfish, and is something we would find undesirable (at first). These undesirable changes are what we label symptoms. From there we fabricate diseases and problems, unite with one another, and wage an unholy war with our own inner sense of purpose and progress.

The pressure is compounded many fold and problems multiply exponentially. To be anti-life and thwart our own birthright is a sin against ourselves, and against what is natural and otherwise effortless. The inner pain of this struggle is nearly unbearable, and so to cope with that we pretend that we are fighting disease in the name of health, and add another layer of suffering to our experience. What hypocrisy.

From that deception we then form groups, teachings, modalities, techniques and so forth, to “fight disease” and “solve problems”. In our arrogance we call that heath care and struggle to understand why the world is in such a deplorable unhealthy condition, and so we further increase our resistance and try to be more healthy, in the most unhealthy way. There is salvation however. At any moment, it is within the power of any person to realize he or she is not a victim to life.

How can I be a victim to my self?

How can life itself, impose on my life?

Though it is that simple, it is not always that easy. To aid in the process of undoing the layers of self-deception and to shift the misperception from symptoms to purposeful change, there are a select few teachings and modalities to assist this otherwise often difficult process.

Of the hundreds (if not thousands) of so called ‘health care’ systems, this article introduces a few that remain true to the fundamental truth that “The solution to all problems is that there are no problems”. That alone is the understanding that changes everything!

Deep meditation is a process of refining awareness from the superficial layers where symptoms express their most undesirable qualities, to the deeper levels of awareness where the truth of life can be experienced directly. (Not all meditation practices allow for full transcendence of misperception). This process of transcending can take form in other non-meditative processes of releasing the inner resistances to life. Most notably is the Sedona Method Release Technique.

The International BodyTalk Association (IBA) offers four basic options that are highly effective when working with the mind-body complex to shift perception. They are the BodyTalk system (and BodyTalk Access), BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall. As a client or practitioner, this is not alternative, nor complementary, health care, because it is so much more than health care. It is essential “Life Care” at its best. Whatever other health care or teachings a person engages in, the critical factor is that this Life Based approach receives the priority in one’s own life.

Tim Hall CBP, Parama BP, Tempe Arizona, USA

Access Membership Update

All the systems are up and running well for the new Access level of IBA Membership. We’ve received several new Memberships this week from our newsletter launching and everything looks good. So this weekend we’re sending out our email invitations to thousands of our past Access students. Thank you for all your positive responses to this new Access Membership effort. Please send us Access stories and articles – both for the homepage and for the upcoming Access Weekly Newsletter!

2009 Members Conference Dates are Set

The 2009 Members Conference will return to the Clearwater Hilton on the beach next August. The dates for the Conference are August 13th through 16th, 2009. We will have pre-conference and post-conference classes as well. More details will be forthcoming in the next several weeks; but we want you to set aside those dates for another wonderful IBA family event!