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Dear Members,

As many of you know, the big buzz in IBA right now is around John’s new class, Finding Health http://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/courses/description.cfm?id=97. John considers this class to be the one that defines the BodyTalk System. This means that Finding Health is an essential for all of you. What is more, because Finding Health is open to the public, it offers you the perfect opportunity to introduce family members and friends to the System as a whole.

Our main article in this week’s Newsletter is by Tim Hall, who recently attended Finding Health for the first time. Tim is one of our long standing Members, who seems to have appeared at every seminar we’ve ever taught. Many of you know Tim really well from the forums. He writes with a passion and eloquence that are a pleasure and, fortunately for us, he is a prolific writer.

Whether you have attended Finding Health yet, or not, Tim’s explanation of a key aspect of our teachings is handled adeptly. It is one thing to call The BodyTalk System a Consciousness Based Therapy, but it is something else to explain what that means. We are hoping that Tim’s article will spur more of you into writing mode and inspire you to share your own paradigm with us.

Another aspect of our Newsletter is that, beginning today, each of our staff members has elected to introduce themselves – one a week – with a photo, short biography and a description of their role in IBA. After all, it is this hardworking, lovely group of people who are at the hub of the IBA wheel.

What we are hoping is that these personalized introductions will help you feel more in touch when you telephone us and e-mail us. Rather than dealing with faceless names, we want you to know who we are and, just as importantly, we want you to know what each of us do.

As you know, IBA has been undergoing quite a few changes lately; some of them difficult and possibly hard for you to understand as yet. Our focus has not just been a restructuring, but also the coming together of a group of inspired people who bring their own creative input and enthusiasm to a truly team effort. We are sure that you will be increasingly feeling the benefits of this.

With this series of small, personal introductions we want to make it easier for you to put a face to the people you talk with when you telephone or write to IBA. This week we begin with our newly appointed CMO (Chief Marketing Officer, Christopher Veltheim. Hopefully these introductions will make it easier for you to know whom to contact when you need something from us or have questions or have any input you want to give.

Last but not at all least, we wanted to show you this lovely advertisement for The BodyTalk System. When John brought this photo home from Germany I was thrilled to see such enthusiasm for The BodyTalk System, so beautifully displayed on Michaela Ellen Kain’s car. Of course such a work of art is not cheap, but can you imagine streets full of cars driving around with this of eye-catching way of presenting our logo?
Of course, we want to encourage all of you to use our logo as much as you can. Unfortunately, what we are discovering is that quite a few of you are either still using the old version of the logo. A few of you have also taken such huge liberties with our logo, as to have distorted it almost beyond recognition.

We are in a profession, in an association, that is all about energy. More than anyone, you must surely understand the power of symbols. Of course, a logo is an extremely powerful symbol and if it is misused or distorted the distortion loses its efficacy.

The BodyTalk System logo means a lot to each of us. We each have our own response to it when we see it and so it is an intrinsic part of the makeup of our matrix. Please use our logo respectfully, in the knowledge that how you use it can transform your business.

In certain instances, such as putting logos on cars as Michaela’s has, the color of your car might require a subtle color change to the logo. Although we would prefer that you remain true to the logo’s colors, subtle color changes are acceptable where necessary. If you intend using the logo in a way that you are unsure of, please feel free to contact us and we will happily assist you.

We hope that Michaela’s car will inspire more of you to proudly display your logo.

If you haven’t tapped your cortices yet today, now would be a good moment to do so before you read further.

Happy Tapping


Attention all PaRama Unit 2 Students

The new PaRama 2b course extensions have been mailed, at no cost, to all students who completed the PaRama Unit 2 DVD course. Students who have taken the PaRama Unit 2 DVD course and have not received their complimentary extension kits by November 1st should contact the IBA office so that we can ensure a copy is sent to them accordingly.

Newly Graduated BodyTalk Access Trainers!

Congratulations to the following BodyTalk Access Trainers for successfully completing their training. We welcome you onboard as our newest Instructors and wish you great success and fun in spreading the word of BodyTalk Access.

Diana Gard, Seattle, WA, USA; Gabriele Zidek, Schweitenkirchen, Germany; Sabine Seidl, Tarsdorf, Austria; Tracey Worrall, Brantford, ON, Canada and Jill Kirby, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Consciousness Based Healthcare

By Tim Hall, CBP, LMT, ACE-CPT, RYT, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.

We say that we facilitate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. The body-mind’s own innate wisdom guides the process and the disease or problem gives way to health and well-being. What really is this disease (or problem) that befalls us in the first place? If innate wisdom can heal from its own level without an outside factor, then shouldn’t it be smart enough to avoid the causal factors in the first place, or at least not allow its healing process to be thwarted? In other words, what are we fighting against? What is the body at war with?

There are many ways of dividing and categorizing. We can divide the cosmos into light and dark and we can divide ourselves into health and disease. Some part of us is in health and another part in disease. What is the nature of disease and how can we be divided within our own self?

We can learn about disease by comparing it to darkness. Darkness has no substance. It is not a thing and cannot be measured. It is only the absence of light. You cannot scoop up darkness and throw it away nor can you add more dark to create a darker level of darkness. Yet we experience darkness and cannot deny that.

Our ability to experience is so comprehensive that we can experience reality (that which exists) and we can experience illusion (that which does not exist). Philosophically, the unchanging factor underlying all human experience is existence itself.

When we understand the nature of light, it is self-evident how to deal with darkness – simply turn on the light. Although darkness is not a thing, we know and experience its effects. To stumble through a room with perfectly good vision but no visual experience, it’s obvious that this is due to darkness. If we throw our hands in the air and proclaim that the darkness is not real, then we’ve resigned ourselves to not needing a reason to seek out light, which is foolishness.

The old model of disease is slowly shifting away from that of a thing that needs to be fought against. However, if it swings too far in the other direction it will be unfairly dismissed, and denial will be its substitute.

Light does not cause darkness and since darkness is not substantial, it can’t cause itself. There is no cause for darkness. There is no cause for disease and that is why investigating the factors of disease is like stumbling in darkness.

Health, like light, is the only solution. Introduce health and the body-mind rises to a higher level of awareness and life improves. It is the increase in awareness that brings the mental satisfaction we all crave and not the elimination of symptoms. Our suffering was not due to the symptoms. Suffering is the sign that we are not fully aware, which is why a person can appear healthy and wealthy and still be suffering greatly.

This shows us that although health is the solution to disease, the ultimate goal and source of our newfound happiness is the increase in awareness. Health and disease are not at war and although opposites, they are not-two. They work together to bring out the essential nature, which is pure existence beyond health and disease.

Although we are not concerned with our disease history as a badge of honor, the process does leave its’ mark. We are scarred, as to say that everyone who wrestles with higher consciousness walks with a limp. This scarring contributes to our uniqueness in the same way that the chip on the knee of Michelangelo’s David makes it a masterpiece.

By continually exposing darkness and introducing light, we move more and more into the light. By this process, we reach a point where the quality of fullness dominates, and we become illuminated by pure awareness (the Transcendental Light) that we essentially are. This does not eliminate darkness, it reveals its true nature.

This is the process BodyTalk facilitates. It is a consciousness-based deepening of understanding and experience which we call a shift in perspective – from ignorance to truth; from suffering to awareness; from non-self to Self. None of this discounts the value of medicine, nutrition, trauma care or common sense.

We do not deny the experience of disease or any problem in life, we simply recognize it for what it is – the gaining of a new awareness, higher-consciousness and deeper experience. Living life fully requires a perspective capable of standing in the gap to see and appreciate 100% light and 100% darkness.

Transcend health and disease by practicing or having regular consciousness-based BodyTalk sessions or BreakThrough steps. What eases all suffering in life is the bliss and power inherent in higher consciousness that comes with greater awareness. Don’t sell out for a static state of symptom-free health when the consciousness of the cosmos and pure awareness of existence itself is at your fingertips. This is your birthright. Claim it.

Christopher Veltheim

Christopher Veltheim, B.Bus,
Chief Marketing Officer

It is with great pleasure that I recently took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer for IBA. Please allow me to introduce myself to you.

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia and throughout my youth enjoyed and excelled in many team sports including indoor cricket, soccer and rugby. I still continue to play both soccer and indoor cricket today. I think it is that competitive edge in me that inspired me to enter into the world of marketing and management.

Just like my dad, John, I have always been a technology and gadgets fan. In my role with IBA this passion for technology is now being put to good use. My team and I are focused on streamlining and enhancing our business practices. We are working hard to ensure that IBA is as cutting edge and progressive, businesswise, as the System it represents. In this way we will continue to move into the future, incorporating all the possibilities life has to offer.

Although I have been exposed to a variety of management styles, my role with IBA is inspiring in me a very new and out of the box style of management. Progressively I am developing my own style, with a firm base in the BodyTalk and BreakThrough principles. I prefer to lead by example with strong work ethics that I am sure will energize both my team and you, the extended BodyTalk community. A key principle of mine is to never under-estimate the people around me. I have come to learn that talent is often hidden and I believe it is a leader’s responsibility to provide the platform and encouragement for that talent and creativity to shine through.

I have a Bachelor of Business degree, with concentrated studies in Management and Marketing from Bond University. Before taking on the role of CMO, and while completing my degree, I held the position of Operations Assistant for the IBA Australasia office. Prior to my Bachelors I completed an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Keiser University in Florida. In conjunction with my academic training, I am also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a Certified Remedial Massage Therapist. My understanding of the BodyTalk System and Massage Therapy will serve me well while I seek to enhance programs that serve the practitioner, student and global outreach programs of the IBA.

My primary responsibilities as CMO, include sales management, product and service development, distribution channel management, public relations, market research and IT web content and design.

My goals for the IBA include promoting and evaluating outreach and research programs that will result in an increased public awareness of BodyTalk. I have a firm belief in building a strong foundation and aim to promote a strong business core. To this end, with the help of my team, I am working to evolve a strong, healthy business core.

I am already enjoying networking with a number of you in the IBA community, as I develop programs to serve the membership while enhancing corporate communications. My team and I are focused on evaluating membership benefits and retention programs, researching distribution opportunities and providing continuing education alternatives serving our practitioners and current/future members.

In my evaluation of membership benefits and retention programs, my knowledge of the BodyTalk philosophy and principles is a key application. My grounding in these principles is also enhancing my own creative leadership style. I trust that, as a Member, you will soon be reaping the benefits.

Please feel free to contact me via email, chris@bodytalksystem.com