Josephine Choo

Josephine Choo






Jo Choo has been in the healing arts for over a decade. Before her BodyTalk journey, Jo was working independently as a reiki master and medium. Her natural intuitive abilities allowed her to sense the space and conduct space cleansing as well as soul retrieval work, which comes naturally to her. Jo is very passionate about empowering her clients to find their own strengths in life.

However like many successful practitioners, Jo overworked herself and the stresses of life got her very ill with hashimotos disease. Jo gave up work completely to recover from her disease. During her sabbatical she stumbled upon BodyTalk and decided to give it a go. During her session, what was revealed in her BodyTalk formula was that her life purpose in this journey is to help others with her natural gifts and communicate healing through her work as a communicator. To give up her passion for the healing arts would be to let go of life, and her body would become more and more frail.

Armed with the support of the session, her body got back the energy and vitality. She shortly embarked on the BodyTalk journey to become a BodyTalk Practitioner. Today Jo is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with all her skills under her sleeve to help individuals, families and homes to find balance.

Jo Choo has completed all the Advanced BodyTalk Modules as well as the specialised BodyTalk courses listed below. With her intuitive abilities, her love and passion for her work, makes Jo a highly skilled practitioner.

BodyTalk Access
BodyTalk Fundamentals
Principles of Consciousness
Macrocosmic BodyMind
Matrix Dynamics
Fascial Energetics 2
BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration
Body Ecology
Free Fall 1 & 2

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