Bernice Granger

Bernice Granger

B.MSc., RM, MLT(ret), CBP


Parksville, B.C.
Distance Sessions Available
Parksville, BC


Experience BodyTalk in the Comfort & Safety of your Home 

*Distance Sessions Available*

Biography -See Below

UnityWithin - BodyTalk For You - Why BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is done specifically for you. The road to health and wellness is unique and different for each of us. Each BodyTalk session is as unique as the person being treated and truly amazing! I am in awe of the body’s ability to know and heal itself! BodyTalk serves your specific needs for your health and wellness.

Rather than looking at a diagnosis, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at you, your past, your physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors.

BodyTalk helps to restore communication within the body and release stress in the body. Sessions are grounded in the latest discoveries and understandings of current science, consciousness medicine and in ancient wisdoms. These include quantum dynamics, anatomy & physiology, and the wisdom of eastern medicine. For example, there are the five elements, meridians, chakras and life force called Qi (Chi).


Bernice Granger started her study and exploration of complementary energy medicine with Healing Touch in 1997. This opened up a new world to her exploring mind and broadened her horizons in her search for health and wellness. She has years of study and experience in energy healing modalities and spirituality. During this exploration she helped raise her two sons and worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

Bernice was introduced to BodyTalk in 2016. She certified  in June 2021. The decision to certify become an easy one, as she saw the fastest changes in her life happened from the BodyTalk sessions she received. 


Her background as a Medical Laboratory Technologist, coupled with her long history of facilitating energy medicine, and years of healing & self-development, greatly influences and enhances the BodyTalk sessions for her clients. 


Bernice's compassion provides a very safe, comfortable healing space. She greatly respects everyone’s path, beliefs and life experiences. She strongly believes the time together is one of service; she is here for you.


For an appointment email:

Phone or text:  250 809 5168

What Clients Are Saying

I have received several distant BodyTalk sessions with Bernice.

She has a gentle, caring manner that makes me feel special. Bernice totally honours and respects every part of you and truly supports what you may be going through, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. After each session my body feels free and revitalized. I highly recommend Bernice. Joy B, Parksville BC


I had two Body Talk sessions with Bernice and I could feel the beautiful energy clearing that she brought to bear. She was also insightful in uncovering the root cause of issues. I have known Bernice for a number of years and have had her do other healing modalities with me as well as card readings. It's wonderful to be in the hands of a practitioner with many tools in their toolbox and I think Bernice is able to bring all of this talent to her work. I would encourage anyone to explore their healing path with Bernice. She is a beautiful, kind hearted woman as well as being very capably skilled.

Rita M. Vancouver Island BC


Bernice is a truly gifted BodyTalk practitioner! Each session I have with her is a gift and really helps me to release the things that I’m holding onto that are ready to heal. Her knowledge, coupled with her intuitive strengths and her gentle nature have been helping me to feel lighter, much less stressed and more ready to take on the world each day. I’ve been able to release several old beliefs that were causing physical pain and stress, some even being ancestral in origin. I highly recommend Bernice!

Catharine D.


BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mod 1 & 2)


MindScape for BodyTalkers

Epigenetics for BodyTalkers, Levels I,II,III

            - the science and application of Epigenetics- DNA expression, for use in                    BodyTalk System 

Hormones and Neurotransmitters for BodyTalk System 

Principals of Consciousness (Mod 3) BodyTalk

Macrocosmic BodyMind ( Mod 6) BodyTalk


Vaccine Reset for BodyTalkers - used to help decrease adverse reactions to  vaccines

Elemental Reset - based on Chinese medicine, The Five Elements



Past Education

Medical Laboratory Technologist, CSLT Canada, (retired) - MLT

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, Ordained Minister -  B. Msc. -  International      University of Metaphysics

Munay-Ki - Foundation Rites, taken in 2013   - The Four Winds Society   "The Munay- Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being." (Alberto Villoldo, Founder)



Healing Touch, Levels, I, IIA, IIB,  - Colorado Center for Healing Touch Inc.

Reconnective Healing® /The Reconnection® 

Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner ™ And Certified Medium 

Reiki Master - RM - Pure Source Channeling Reiki - Usui/Tibetan  Reiki Ryoho


Bernice has attended mentorship programs on esoteric spirituality. She has attended many week long and weekend workshops, separate from the above mentioned courses.  She has facilitated talks and workshops.


I look forward to helping you find and maintain better health on all levels!

 Bernice Granger, CBP

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