Léna Lagier-Haessig

Léna Lagier-Haessig

Therapeutic and maternity reflexologist, CBP


308 Tanglin road #02-11
(Phoenix Park)
Singapore, 247974

Phone: +6594524265


Léna was born in Switzerland and her travels and studies brought her to work in communications and project management in an international non-profit, designing health awareness campaigns and running health promotion projects.  

Following the birth of her first child, her personal recovery from a serious illness through natural therapies and her move to Singapore inspired her to reconsider her carrier and follow her lifelong interest in holistic therapies.

Starting with a diploma in therapeutic reflexology that blended a British curriculum with the Chinese approach of her teacher, Léna decided to turn her passion into work and embrace this carrier shift. As she struggled finding a good reflexologist during her second pregnancy, she completed her qualification with a course on maternity reflexology in Japan from an Australian midwife-run reflexology school.

She literally fell on BodyTalk when she broke her ankle in her 8th month of pregnancy, and was amazed by the integrative approach that her physiotherapist introduced to her during rehabilitation. 

She started her BodyTalk studies while enjoying time with her new baby, qualified as a certified practitioner in 2019 and has been since then passionately studying to widen her approach, adding advanced courses of BodyTalk, Mindscape and other modalities such as Linking awareness communication.

Happy mom of three amazing kids, Léna officially started her practice under Balance & Blossom early 2020 in Singapore and looks forward to accompanying you on your journey to help you discover the amazing healing power of your body and mind!

Léna offers sessions in English, French and Spanish. She works from Phoenix Park on Tanglin road and can also see you in the confort of your own home, or by videoconference.

To learn more and book a session, please visit www.balanceblossom.com 

Certifications and courses:
ITEC level 3 diploma in Reflexology (UK/Singapore)
Maternity Reflexology and Complementary Therapies (Sole to Soul Maternity Reflexology, Australia)
BodyTalk – Fundamentals 
Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure
BodyTalk – Principles of Consciousness
BodyTalk - Biodynamics
BodyTalk - Macrocosmic BodyMind
BodyTalk - Matrix Dynamics
BodyTalk - Body Ecology
BodyTalk - Epigenetics
BodyTalk for animals
Advanced Mindscape 
Linking Awareness Intercellular Communication Journey
Linking Awareness Intercellular Communication Adventure
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