Zuleika A. Carrim

Ms. Zuleika A. Carrim



The BodyTalk Health Centre, For Women and Children,
Durban, ZN 4052
South Africa

Phone: 083 7866 737


With body talk, you will get clarity of mind, you can think more clearly, and you will be able to more easily evaluate the things you are doing in life, and the things you need to do, especially with regards to your health and well being.

Also, often other essential medical treatment works more effectively; side effects are minimised.

When negative emotions are cleared, you are able to do what is necessary, more easily.

Body Talk allows us to fulfill our multiple roles and needs.

For many years I have been interested in alternative and complementary medicine.  The day I first read about the Body Talk System in the local newspaper, I knew that this was the answer to all my searching. This was a method of healing which incorporated many other modalities. When I enquired further, and read about all the different problems which had been resolved with this treatment, I knew that this was something I had to study.

With time, I have heard more about all the amazing results that people from all over the world have been obtaining, and I am so thankful that I am also part of this group.

I have seen so many negative effects suffered by people who insist on only following conventional methods of treatment.

A combination of all fields of knowledge is what is of most benefit to us.

I have attended the following body talk courses:

Modules 1 and 2  - Body Talk Fundamentals,
Module 3             - Principles of Consciousness,
Module 4 / 7        - Bio-Dynamics,
Module 6             - Macrocosmic Bodymind,
Module 9             - Matrix Dynamics,
Finding Health 1  - Mapping the Healing Process.

I am studying Parama Bodytalk at present.

Other Therapies:

Quantum Touch
Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (The Gillespie Approach)
Access Consciousness Bars
Family Constellations
Aafiyah Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique
Acunect Ancient Wisdom (Chinese Medicine)

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