Aurelie Gibson

Aurelie Gibson

BPHE, RMT, NCCP 3 - Coach Facilitator, CBP


, SA


Your Body is TALKING…But Can You HEAR it?

Our body and mind are incredible computers. The most intricate and advanced on the planet yet often they breakdown. We have such an innate capacity to heal ourselves (think – paper cut) and yet we quickly reach a breaking point where the body-mind cannot function and synchronize to heal or maintain thriving health.

Like a computer, we continually bombard ourselves with information (useful or not); we are exposed to many viruses; we bump and bruise our selves both physically and mentally and our stress levels are a constant rollercoaster. These states occur so often that there is a ‘white noise’ in our body that is obscuring the brain’s ability to ‘hear’ what really needs attention.


BodyTalk is a method of healing that directly filters through the ‘white noise’ to the priority of the body – so the body can facilitate a healing process. It synchronizes the left and right brain and the brain-body – effectively ‘defragging’ the system and allowing for a much greater healing response.


Aurelie facilitates the process of you being able to ‘hear’ what your body is saying and what it needs to do to heal. She takes a practical approach to BodyTalk, incorporating the experiences from all aspects of her education and background to facilitate your healing session.

Aurelie has completed Access, Fundamentals; Principles of Consciousness; Bio-Dynamics; Macrocosmic BodyMind; Matrix Dynamics) and Advanced Mindscape.

She is currently living in New Zealand and using the principles of BodyTalk with her athletes and family.

Aurelie was introduced to BodyTalk through an athlete who was receiving sessions. She was amazed by the changes in the athlete, especially during competitions so she took the opportunity to learn more. Aurelie realized that BodyTalk was the approach she was looking for to help her clients realize their goals and dreams for a healthy lifestyle -
from the inside out!


"For me BodyTalk is generally a subtle experience, one that's hard to describe, tangilby, to another. I find the sessions to be relaxing and internally enlightening. What made me a true believer was an almost immediate relief of an intense and recent physical pain that I had been experiencing. By the end of the session the pain was significantly reduced, and within 24 hours it had completely dissapated. I have not experienced any subsequent episodes since. The relief was amazing and I am thankful for Aurelie's insight".  S. Chamberlain


I came to a Body Talk session without knowing anything about it.  Aurelie immediately made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and trusting.  She carefully got herself and all distractions out of the way.  It seemed to me she was listening in on conversations between aspects of my body, ready for anything.  Her work was concentrated, meticulous, precise, and did not require me to shelve my intellect or shove it aside.  Once she "heard" something, she was able to articulate it to me, and do something inside that clarified the conversations, as they continued to take place beneath my awareness.  I still don't know what Body Talk is, but I trust my body to say its state to a skilled listener, and have a confirmed sense that its intelligence is operating where I cannot see it.  I look forward to learning and trying more.  Zot Lynn Szurgot, Gainesville, FL, USA


Fast Aid Testimonial, October 2010

I drove my friend to the hospital to get her finger sewed up after a cooking accident. She had been keeping excessive pressure on the wound to keep the edges together, and the blood had dried on it, but there was a gap between the edges and she couldn’t bend it.

I did Fast Aid on her while we were waiting in the hospital about 1.5 hours later the edges had sealed together and she had full flexion without the edges splitting. Amazing!


Other Information:

Aurelie graduated with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Degree from the University of Toronto. She has17 years experience as a Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic and sports massage; She has coached athletes for over 20 years to great success at the National and International level in the sport of Springboard and Platform Diving. She was a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years and now focuses her training education on her athletes. She also was a National Coaching Certification Program Facilitator for the sport of Diving in Canada for 20+ years. She has just moved from New Zealand where she was the Head Coach of Auckland Diving to Indianapolis to be the Director of Coach Education.

In a former life, Aurelie was a member of the Canadian National Diving Team and 10 meter National Champion. Now, she enjoys cooking; hiking and camping with her family.


For further information on how BodyTalk can help your business, organization, sports team or group go to:


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