Sharyn Loone

Sharyn Loone

B.Pharm, Adv.Dip Nutr.Pharm, CBP


10 Tremain Street
Tingalpa, Brisbane, QLD 4173

Phone: 07 3890 2208


Sharyn has been involved in assisting others to gain strength physically, emotionally and spiritually using BodyTalk since 2001.

She began her career as a Pharmacist, graduating from the University of Queensland in 1984. Helping people get better has always been an aim for her - initially using medications as prescribed by doctors and over-the-counter remedies. Studies in Nutrition was the next step as her interests developed in using more natural ways to help the body heal itself.

The turning point for Sharyn was the birth of her first child when she had to deal with eczema, allergies and life threatening asthma despite baby being breastfed and healthy. Medications and more medications were gradually replaced by homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology and energy therapies. After many years she discovered BodyTalk, and Certified as a practitioner in 2003 and has since incorporated advanced techniques into practice.

Sharyn has assisted all ages – from babies and children, teenagers to the elderly with a wide range of conditions including minor ailments, musculoskeletal problems, fatigue, depression to chronic illness. This can be incorporated as a stand alone therapy or integrated into conventional medicine to the overall benefit of the client.

BodyTalk is the primary therapy used, although other modalities, such as Reiki, may be incorporated if the body requests it. Sharyn continues to learn and develop herself and is excited to use such a useful therapy to assist others. Try some BodyTalk sessions and see for yourself!

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