Melanie Halpert

Melanie Halpert

Reiki II, Accunect Connect, CBP


390 St.Joseph E. (Plateau) & 173A av Cartier (Pointe-Claire)

Montreal, QC

Phone: 438-888-8333


Whether consulting with me at my office on the Plateau Mont-Royal, at my office in Pointe-Claire, or from the comfort of your own home, I am committed to providing a safe space and a peaceful ambiance for my clients. I offer in-person sessions for local clients and work effectively via distance with clients all over the world.


For much of my life, beginning in early adolescence, I often turned to escapism and substance abuse to cope with chronic health issues and underlying anxiety. A mix of despair and curiosity eventually led me to explore alternative methods of healing and to discover my intuitive and empathic abilities. In 2001 I embarked on my path to wellness with Reiki and an unexpected new job in the field of natural health. As I went on to manage the natural products department of a highly specialized pharmacy and then to join the administrative team of a progressive wellness center, I began to receive regular BodyTalk sessions from my Reiki Master and experienced such dramatic shifts that in 2006 I enrolled in my first course with the International BodyTalk Association. In 2008 I was certified to practice BodyTalk professionally and by 2010, I chose to branch off from the wellness center to work independently. In addition to completing the core BodyTalk curriculum along with a variety of other courses offered by the IBA from 2006-2017, Accunect was added to my skill-set in 2013 and remains a most valuable asset. In 2018, a full decade into my healing practice, I find myself exploring the synthesis of Human Design with great depth, and it is an amazing process to integrate these practical teachings into my life and into my work.

While I deeply honour my professional roots and strive to uphold the integrity of the multiple modalities I have studied, my intense personal evolution over the last ten years has continually fueled my professional evolution and what I now consider to be a rather unique style and approach. No matter the tools I use, my greatest joy lies in connecting deeply with others, in meeting them exactly where they are, allowing them to be truly seen and heard, and helping them to unravel the source of their pain and suffering on every level. Combining the scope of my natural empathic abilities with the specialized knowledge I've acquired over nearly two decades, the crux of my gift lies in cracking the code of the bodymind’s hidden messages, in deciphering the metaphors behind one’s symptoms in the aim of facilitating rapid relief. Above all, my passion is to encourage others to recognize their own innate gifts, to fully embody their unique expression of self, and to navigate the trajectory of their life from a place of empowerment.

With two local offices, I am available to meet in person for private consultation, and am also available for consultation by phone, Skype, or recorded session. I am an official member of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) and, as a member of the Alliance Professional of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (APNN) I am able to provide insurance receipts for clients across Canada.

Alongside my certifications and practice in the realm of holistic healthcare, I have a passion for fitness and certified as a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer in 2011, I had the privilege of getting many new Canadian affiliates off the ground working part-time for an equipment provider from 2013-2015. Proud to have been an avid and active member of the CrossFit community for six years, I eventually chose to forge a new path and am currently finding much fulfillment in getting creative with my own programming, designing personal challenges that keep me fit and feeling inspired. When not in session with clients or working out, I can be found connecting with friends and loved ones or steeped in a blaze of artistic projects.

For more insight about my journey I invite you to take a peek at my blog at
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