Robyn Whatley-Kahn

Mrs. Robyn Whatley-Kahn

QiGong Instructor, CBI, BAT, CBP


23 Christos Rahon-Raches

Ikaria, Greece 83301

Phone: 01130 6980-827372


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Hello, I'm Robyn Whatley-Kahn CBI, CBP (BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner) and a member in good standing with the IBA (Int'l Bodytalk Assoc.). I feel very fortunate to have found the, 'Whole Healthcare' BodyTalk System that re-connects the body's compromised communications to be able to heal more rapidly. I'm in awe daily with the results amongst my clients, students and of course, personally. See reviews below.

If you would like more info, a ZOOM session, or on-line class, email me at 

I was born to a nurse mother and a musician father, so I somewhat inherited both of those careers and for the past 40 years have weaved them together. I sang with the Dean Martin Golddiggers and was the opening act for Frank Sinatra, as well as walking home over a goat trail carrying a leg of lamb as payment for a BodyTalk session. Life has definitely been interesting. 

I'm a mother, grandmother of 7, and wife of 36 years with my mate David.

I'm excited for you if you are reading this and deciding to take health back into your 'own' hands. With the truly 'Wholistic' BodyTalk System you will be able to experience health challenge turn-a-rounds emotionally, physically and spiritually. Positive clinical results with frozen shoulders, depression, stress release, autism, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, fertility and so much more are recorded. I invite you to get in touch today.

Testimonials/Reviews from students, clients and myself (Partial list): 

Cayman Island: Michelle (client after one session -Allergies)

“I waited a few weeks to contact you  just to make sure… My ALLERGIES ARE GONE!!! You read it right… GONE!!!!!!  After the BodyTalk session you did, I noticed that I didn’t get stuffy when smelling certain foods, then I tried one bean… No reaction!! (I have been known to have anaphalactic shock from many things. Went right down my list.. foods with red dye #5… no problems… WOW!!! What a miracle… thank you Robyn and BodyTalk.”

USA: Terry (student-sexual abuse) ” I write today out of complete thankfulness and awe. During the BodyTalk class I was bailing out/leaving as I couldn’t have anyone touch my wrists. I’ve been to a psychiatrist for 20 something years , had nightmares every night of my entire life since 4 years old ( I’m now in my 40’s) and was a cutter (I cut my wrists). The instructor, Robyn said “let’s do a quick session”. Without knowing anything about me, my main issue came up instantly and she did 2 techniques, one of them was active memory.  I likeed it because Robyn said I didn’t need to speak out loud about anything from the past (like I had to for years in the psychiatrist office).  I went home that night and slept!!! No nightmares!!!! First time in almost 40 years and at the writing of this letter I haven’t had the feeling to ‘cut’!! Thank you BodyTalk and Robyn “

Scotland:  Dr. Stal, osteopath,  (student-Achilles tendon and fungus cleared)   "I know I started off in quite a skeptical mode, needing some kind of "personal" experience to convince me, not just other people's stories.  Well you gave me a BT session on the 4th day of class and Body Chemistry /Fungus showed up.. I (unbeknownst to you) was taking anti-fungal remedies and it usually takes about a month to clear a fungus.  I was 2 weeks into that treatment... 3 days after your BT session it was cleared.. You also did an agenda session on my left Achilles tendon (a niggling problem that I've had for more than a month.)  The next day it was 70-80% better.. I was quite stunned since achilles tendon problems are notoriously slow to heal.... I've now got two quite profound experiences of my own which tells me there is definitely something to this."

Cayman Islands:  Linda (animal client emergency session on crazy German shepherd vet said had to be put down

“I was telling my friend about the terrible troubles I was having with our beloved German shepherd. We had had him for 5 years and suddenly he started jumping up in attack mode trying to bite my face.  At night he prowled the house growling and I would awake to find him snarling over my head. Our vet said to put him down (kill him). My friend said she knew a lady named Robyn that did BodyTalk for Animals. We called her, she came and did one session on my dog… That was the first night he slept all the way through and has apparently changed back to the dog we love.”

Bahamas: Robyn W.(BT practitioner/instructor-hot flashes)

“In my early 50’s I started going through the “change of life”.  It means “hotter than hot -- hot flashes”.  I was having at least 30 a day and it was embarrassing as I would break out in full perspiration, dripping down my face and arms etc. I had another BodyTalk associate do one session on me and I never had another hot flash!!! Even asked a pharmacist if he’d ever heard of anyone going from 30 hot flashes /day to  zero.  He said , “not without taking some form of hormone therapy… that would be a miracle!.”

Grand Cayman Island: Kim P. (client-panic attacks) “I have suffered from panic attacks for years and usually end up in the hospital for days. I felt one coming on (and there is no way for me to stop it) so I ran to Robyn who I had heard did the health therapy called BodyTalk with some success. She did one emergency session on me and not only did the anxiety attack stop right then and I have not had another one and it’s been 1 ½ years.” 

USA: Frank L.(client-Cancer of throat, chemo and radiation treatments, excruciating shoulder pain, sleep deprivation)

Frank came for BT session after half of his throat had been cut out, couldn’t eat, swallow and had serious pain in left shoulder so he had to sleep sitting up.  “I went back to Robyn the next morning after my first BT session. I was pain free last night.  The excruciating pain in my left shoulder was … gone!! I slept really good for the first time in a long time.”

Grand Cayman: Robyn (BT practitioner/instructor-hypo-thyroidism)

“One morning I suddenly turned beet red, got hotter than hot and made it to the bed just in time to pass out. I thought I was having something going on with my heart, (I’m normally strong as a bull-never sick). So we rushed me in to the hospital for a heart stress test. Heart was fine as well as everything else that was checked. Then the doctor took out a pad and started writing a prescription for medication that he wanted me to take for “the rest of my life” for “hypo-thyroidism that he said I had.  I politely refused it, and set a date one month from then to “re”-test.  I had three professional BodyTalk sessions, and nothing else new during the month. Went back, got retested, and voila…nothing.. no need for medication for the “rest of my life”… Thank you BodyTalk for being in my life!”

Greece: Anna (client of one BodyTalk session-appendix) “I had a bad problem with my appendix, big pain and the doctor said to stay close to the hospital as it might grow bigger and burst.  I met Robyn, a Certified BT practitioner/instructor, and she did a professional BodyTalk session on me and ever since then no pain, I still have my appendix, and can eat anything.  I’m so happy and want to go on and learn BodyTalk as I think it will be a great assistance with my studies to be a speech therapist.” 

                      STUDENTS’  TESTIMONIALS

USA: Alicia F. “Even though you had to deal with standing room only, interruptions from the hotel staff trying to get your power point working, and the endless questions from the lady up front, I was really impressed with you and the information I got from the Access class that day. I feel like I can deal with emergencies now using the techniques I learned, thanks”.

Scotland: Dr. G. Stal  Body Chemistry /Fungus showed up.. I (unbeknownst to you) was taking anti-fungal remedies and it usually takes about a month to clear a fungus.  I was 2 weeks into that treatment... 3 days after your BT session it was cleared.. You also did an agenda session on my left Achilles tendon ( a niggling problem that I've had for more than a month that I had not told you about.)  The next day it was 70-80% better.. I was quite stunned since achilles tendon problems are notoriously slow to heal.... I've now got two quite profound experiences of my own which tells me there is definitely something to this

Ireland: Dr. Glenn F. "This course has made me reflect on my own work as an osteopath and realize what a limited view I have had about treating clients.  This BodyTalk course has opened up my mind to new and better ways of doing things, It has rekindled my imagination as regards to healing and complementary medicine. What I learned is that there is a lot more out there and I felt  "me" opening up to further possibilities “.

Grand Cayman-Caribbean- Dale A- “You kept a 46 person class entertained, up on our feet, and learning for 6 hours. Even the 8 year old ‘got’ it.”

Greece: Dimitra  (graduate of one day Access class-worked on neighbor -bloating) “I went home after the 6 hour Access class and wanted to practice. My neighbor had been bloated and uncomfortable for days and days. As I was doing the tapping technique he started yawning and burping (around 20 times) and then he reported he felt relieved. It made me feel good to be able to take my newly learned techniques and make a difference with someone”.

Scotland: A. Grant "What I really liked was the relaxed learning atmosphere, practicing on the teacher and helpers, having personal sessions done on each of us, and the balance of input and experiential."

Call today and you'll never think of healthcare the same ever again.

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